Govee Smart Thermometer/Hygrometer


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Jun 13, 2010
I have recently switched all my temperature gauges to the Govee. It’s honestly amazing. It digitally tracks your temperature and humidity level and graphs it for you. For as many incubators and hatchling enclosures i have, it’s nice to get real digital readings. It then connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth. You can set alarms for temperature fluctuations. It’s also useful for research. Some tortoise species require night time temp changes for incubation. You can track theses drops via the Govee to make sure that it doesn’t go to low at night, which is normally a time we are all sleeping and can’t check the gauges constantly.

With the hatchlings, it’s great to know their enclosures are at perfect temperatures. And if they aren’t, the app with notify you. Would bee great if there was WiFi, which apparently they are working on. But it’s nice to just open an app and check all temperatures in incubators and enclosures in one place as opposed to walking around and checking each one individually. IMG_1712.jpg IMG_1714.jpg IMG_1713.jpg IMG_1870.jpg

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