FREE MIDAS CICHLIDS (in south Florida)


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Jul 16, 2014
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South Eastern Florida (U.S.A.)/Rock Hill S.C.
I have 8 month old Midas Cichlids.
About 12 to 18 plus. Maybe 3.5" long.
These survived this winter's 50 degree cool snap that killed the other few hundred.
These are offspring of some beautiful, bright pink/orange humpheaded adults that I fished out of Black Creek in south Miami where there is a large feral population.
They are just now starting to color change. Some are still silver/black. Some are white, light pink, light yellow and spotted or striped.
They will be about 15" when fully grown and will each require it's own giant fish tank or another pond.
They will be spectacular. Orange, pink or yellow...or any combination.
More a solitary ornamental fish.
Not good for a community unless kept with other very large predatory fishes.
It is illegal for me to release them. And I want to find them all good new homes.
I need them gone before they get large enough to start eating my Koi!
These are FREE.
But you must pick them up yourself.
Bring your own net and your own cooler.
This particular pond is about 7 feet square and 20" deep.
You'll have to use your imagination to see them in the photo.
They're hard to see.
Google MIDAS CICHLID to make sure that one or more is right for you.
[email protected]

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