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Facebook giveaway contest!


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Jun 26, 2008
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We have started doing periodic giveaway contests on our facebook page to anyone that has purchased a tortoise in the past from us. The last contest only ended up with 21 entries, I think, and the winner got a box full of tortoise stuff probably worth almost $100, shipped free. We are trying to do these once a month.

Contest is open to past tortoise-purchasing customers of ours only, customers with an invoice number we can verify, at any time between 2010 and the present (we can help look up invoice numbers if you can't find one).

Our facebook page is at www.Facebook.com/TortoisesForSale. If you have purchased a tortoise from us in the past, get on there to enter, we will pull a winner from a random number generator in about a week.

Here's the final video from the last contest:
Post from Facebook:
Contest Time!

Just like last time, we are doing free giveaways to people that have purchased our tortoises at any time in the past, no other requirements needed. These will be random tortoise supply giveaways of foods or equipment that can be used for any tortoise. We will include free shipping, and this one will be valued around $50.

To enter, comment here with your invoice number that you would have had emailed to you at the time of the order so we can verify it, and the name on the order (first or last or both). We have these records back to 2010 (over 22,000 invoices). We are unable to verify tortoises purchased in person (trade shows, etc), so right now they are internet purchases only, trying to reward known customers. We will put together a list of 'entries' and do a random number generator to choose the winner in about a week. Thanks and good luck!

*Comments without an invoice number will be deleted to keep clutter down. Any questions, shoot us a PM. One entry per customer.