Correct amount of UVB since it’s too cold outside


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Hello everyone! I have a 6/7 month old red foot living in a 3x5 enclosure I built that has a sealable top! I’ll post add a photo for reference. I wanted to double check and make sure I have the correct amount of UVB. I am using a reptisun t5 ho 10.0 bulb that is 20 inches from the substrate in my tortoises home. What is the best way to tell if my tort is getting enough UVB?
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In Arizona, as long as your tortoise does get regular outdoor time and sun access, you really don't need UV in the periods on winter when they are indoors. Even several weeks without sun, would not be an issue.

The way you have your fixture, I doubt you are getting very much UVB at tortoise level. A T5 10% Without a reflective hood would normally give a reading of 3.0 at about 12-14" at most. There is really no way for you to tell without a solarmeter 6.5.