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Discussion in 'Tortoise Vet List' started by Josh, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Josh

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    Tortoise Veterinarians in Colorado
    Listed Alphabetically by City

    Colorado Springs

    Lena Roeder, DVM
    Dublin Animal Hospital
    888 Dublin Blvd #A
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    Tel: (719) 593-1336


    Dr. John Summar
    Homestead Animal Hospital
    6900 S. Holly Circle
    Englewood, CO 80112
    Tel: (303) 771-7350
    Fax: (303) 771-7355

    Fort Collins

    Denise J. Normington, DVM
    Raintree Animal Hospital
    2335 So. Shields Street
    Fort Collins, CO 80526
    Tel: (970)482-1987

    Matt Johnston, VMD
    James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital
    Colorado State University
    300 West Drake Road
    Fort Collins, CO 80523
    Tel: (970) 221-4535
    Fax: (970) 297-4100


    Kris Ahlgrim, DVM
    Goldenview Veterinary Hospital
    885 Lupine Street, Unit C
    Golden, CO 80401
    Tel: (303) 279-9182
    Fax: (303) 279-1081

    Grand Junction

    Gary Rechten, DVM
    Columbine Animal Hospital
    1165 Bookcliff Ave.
    Grand Junction, CO 81501
    Tel: (970) 241-6777


    Colin Combs, DVM
    West Ridge Animal Hospital
    8235 20th Street
    Greeley, CO 80634
    Tel: (970) 330-7283
    Fax: (970) 313-4527

    Roger Klingenberg DVM
    Stephanie Buchholtz, DVM
    Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital
    6297 West 10th Street
    Greeley, CO 80634
    Tel: (970) 351-0936


    Lisa Barlow, DVM
    Centennial Valley Animal Hospital
    259 Century Circle
    Louisville, CO 80027
    Tel: (303) 666-9363
    Fax: (303) 666-040
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