canada members do not trust him

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Jul 15, 2011
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so i was talking to someone at the local pet store the other day and they told me about a man who shipped tortoises to canada so the lady i was talking to told me her story about how she emailed him and talked to him and he told her not to worry about getting the tortoise to canada hes done it a million times so she sent him the money and 2 months later she never recieved the tortoise so i did my own little serch and i told him what i wanted to order and how much it was he told me the tortoise i wanted would be shipped to my house for 400$ witch is reasonable but i never gave him me adress or any thing so i confronted him about it and i asked him to see pictures so he sent me pictures but he didnt realize the pics he was sending me had a zoo banner in the back ground the man goes by the name of Marcin Makarewicz so please do not trust him and dont kick me off the fourm for this i just dont want people to get ripped off
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