Box turtle available for adoption?

Donna Albu

5 Year Member
May 15, 2014
My grand daughter Robin is looking to adopt a box turtle for her 5 year old son Cody. They live in Peoria, AZ. Does anyone know of one that may be available in this area? She is familiar with the Tortoise Forum, she just hasn't registered yet. So she knows where to go to get expert guidance!

jeff kushner

Jul 24, 2020
Location (City and/or State)
A lot of views Donna but no North of Annapolis, we use Craigslist to find folks who are looking to "rehome". A word of caution prob not needed since you are "more mature" like me....but some folks do it for the $$, be careful she doesn't take a sick, neglected guy b/c she won't yet, nor will her parents have the skill set necessary to nurse it back to health. You can also buy from an online vendor as many members do but you will often get better cared for animals as they have reputations to protect. I saw where one member recently ordered from Underground Reptiles. I have used HaHa many times with success as well.

Good luck....a good age and a good turtles are pretty tough and can handle the less than stellar treatment a 5 y/o can dish out!


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