Air space in the egg moved / underdeveloped?


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Nov 17, 2020
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Hi everyone!

I’ve one Russian egg being incubated for 65 days so far.... i candled it quickly two days ago and the air space/sac/bubble(whatever you call it) was getting to the bottom. BUT! Today I saw that from one side this air space got back to the top a bit (it changed its position by 4-5 mm I guess, only one side ).

Is it normal? Can it be because the tortoise is moving there and changes the position of the air bubble?

Also... is there any way to understand that the tort might be underdeveloped? When I candle it I see veins, and this air space is getting bigger, but at the same time it looks like behind the veins there’s only yellow mass.. and only on one side of the egg there’s something dark (which has never changed its position ....)

please, anybody, help me as I’m freaking out :(..

696B680C-150C-4672-95AA-044CDE6ADA87.jpeg 6B064ED0-5299-4D6F-9F5B-4B9DACD0EDA3.jpeg 7BAE655D-1A74-470D-8ED3-EB0C621E3802.jpeg