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Sep 7, 2007
Given this past year's success, I am opening the Prepaid Preorder list for the upcoming year early. This method of allowing interested/serious parties to be able to reserve the tortoise(s) of their choice has worked wonderfully for a number of years now. By opening it earlier than usual, it is my hope that it will give more people a chance at being able to obtain these animals. It also sincerely helps us to stay organized as things progress.

I've spent my life putting together a collection of Mediterranean tortoises that are historically pure and completely unrelated to any American stock. These tortoises all represent the famous genus Testudo and are an absolute joy to experience.

To understand how Prepaid Preorders work, please visits this direct link on my site: PREPAID PREORDERS

Here is the list of expected offspring for 2019 with pricing (prepaid preorders are for BABIES ONLY):

Western Hermann's tortoises (Testudo hermanni hermanni):

Peninsular Italian locales (Tuscany, Apulia, Calabria)- $350 each SHIPPED
Insular Italian locales (Sardinia & Sicily) - $375 each SHIPPED
French locales (Varoise & Corsica)- $650 each SHIPPED
Balearic Island locales (Mallorca & Minorca)- $450 each SHIPPED

Eastern Hermann's tortoises (Testudo hermanni boettgeri):

Macedonia locale- $200 each SHIPPED

Dalmatian tortoises (Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis):

Coastal Croatian locale- $250 each shipped

Marginated tortoises (Testudo marginata):

Albania locale: $200 each SHIPPED

Asia Minor tortoises (Testudo graeca ibera) AKA "ibera Greek":

Ankara, Turkey locale: $200 each shipped
East Anatolian Giant locale: $250 each shipped
Dalaman Coast (black) locale: $200 each shipped
Antakyan, Turkey locale (small, yellow southern form)- $250 each shipped

Anamur tortoises (Testudo graeca anamurensis) Rarest of the Greeks:

Anamur, Turkey locale: $550 each SHIPPED

Moroccan tortoises (Testudo graeca marokkensis):

Menkes (north) locale: $350 each SHIPPED
Agadir (south) locale: $350 each SHIPPED

Mesopotamian tortoises (Testudo graeca terrestrisi) AKA "Golden Greek":

Jordan locale- $250 each shipped
Gaza locale- $250 each shipped

Tunisian Spur-Thighed tortoises (Testudo graeca terrestrisi) AKA "Tunsian Greek":

*Prepaid preorders for this species are already almost maxed out. $550 each SHIPPED

Egyptian tortoises (Testudo kleinmanni):

*Prepaid preorders for this species are already almost maxed out. $700 each SHIPPED

Please be sure to visit our growing Testudo site for anything to do with this genus including systematics, history, care, conservation and preservation by clicking this link: HermanniHaven.com

Again, the direct link to read about how Prepaid Preorders work, click this link:

For testimonials concerning us and our tortoises please click this link: TESTIMONIALS

Below you will find a few photos of some adults representing a few of these 2019 available babies. They are some of the actual parents and are not for sale. As stated above, these prepaid prodders are for 2019 offspring. Babies will be more than well-started with several growth rings on them before being shipped to their new homes.

For a FAST response, e-mail me: [email protected]

*Tortoises under a carapace length of 4 inches are not to be sold as or intended as pets, no exceptions. You as the buyer fully understand and comply.

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