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  1. M

    Lamp advice needed

    I have been digging through the site and Google for a while now and I feel like I'm getting deeper and deeper into my confusion. I plan on ordering a zoomed 100 w mvb today.. could someone please give me a SPECIFIC lamp to buy? There's so many options and I'm getting so lost =(
  2. agnes&theo

    Buzzing with the ZooMed Powersun H.I.D. Bulb

    I just bought a new ZooMed Powersun H.I.D. bulb for my tortoise table after reading some good things about it for both UVB and heating. However, when I plugged it in it makes an odd buzzing noise. My other bulbs never made these kinds of noises. Is this normal? Has anyone else with this bulb...
  3. Turt☆

    Hatchling indoor enclosure

    Hello all, I live in southern california and I have been looking to purchase a zoomed 50 gallon low boy breeder tank to house my hatchling for the several months until large enough to house outdoors. Anyway, I cant seem to find any local stores that sell it and it doesnt seem like any online...
  4. Nadine360

    Sulcata refuses Zoo Med food

    My year and a half old sulcata refuses his new food I got Zoo med, even if I blend his old food and grass he still refuses it, he's gone on a hunger strike for the past couple days, he does love to graze in the yard on grass and clovers and hell eat grass and clovers that I've chopped up from...
  5. margosha

    ZooMed T8 10.0 Tube Lighting Question

    I am currently using the ZooMed 10.0 T8 18" tube light for my baby Russian tortoise's enclosure. It is about 15" away from him, which is as close as I can get due to the size of the tank. Is that an ok distance or too far? Would a reflector help if it's too far? Thanks!
  6. Rusky


    So my Russian refuses to have the ZooMed Grassland pellets. I have heard that this is a fairly common phenomenon. It makes it easier for me if I just feed him pellets a couple of days a week. How should I persuade him to have it? I moisten the pellets and mix them in with greens, but he will...