1. T

    Baby Leopard in Northern Utah, a few questions!

    Hello! I made a post here a few weeks back about a Russian/Herrmans/Greek enclosure but between now and then I found the Leopard Tortoise and absolutely fell in love with its colors, personality, and above all it's size! Everything about it seems to be amazing, but before I move forward I do...
  2. M

    Temporary outdoor enclosure- Russian Tortoise

    I live in Utah, where the climate is only suitable for my Russian to be outside from about April-August. He has an indoor setup that I intend to keep him in at night, but I'd like him to spend at least part of his day outside when the weather allows it. Any ideas for a some-what easy set up that...
  3. Stoneman

    Hey everyone! I am from Utah, United States. Just seeing who is around

    Hello, I am new around here, and I wanted to introduce myself. I have a small colony of Geochelone Elegans, and I enjoy having them, they make me happy watching them eat and move around and stuff. It is like the wind down part of my day. Feeding them by hand is the best for sure. I am...