upper respritory

  1. ashleymiller28

    Young Sulcata has URI, should I bring her to the vet?

    Hello, about a month ago I took my sulcata to the vet and she prescribed her ciprofloxacin to be taken orally every other day over the course of two weeks. As my tortoise finished up her medicine, she began to go back to normal (being very active, eating and going to the bathroom regularly)...
  2. T

    Tortoise Nose Bubbles

    Recently bought an adult Russian tortoise and the first night we had him in his enclosure we put cypress mulch in it. I got the bag from Home Depot and later realized it said: "Cypress Blend" which means it also contains pine and it was very damp because the bag got rained on. The tortoise was...
  3. A

    Yawning Russian Tortoise

    Hello! I am new to tortoise owning so all of the little things freak me out haha. this morning I was watching Rudder eat and it yawned 3 times. He’s a yearling and I’ve seen conflicting information on yawning. Some things I’ve read said it’s a sign of upper respiratory but he doesn’t have...