1. B

    My new Burmese Star Tortoise

    I just recently adopted a Burmese star tortoise. I realised the lines disconnected and the pattern doesn’t match any of the other photos I’ve seen.
  2. K

    Quarantined tortoise

    Hi there! My tortoise, Walter, has had parasites for the last three weeks. He's been on antibiotics ever since he was diagnosed by a specialized exotic veterinarian, roughly three weeks ago. He's had five days of Flagyl and two days of Panacur. Last Monday I still noticed he pooped out worms...
  3. FrankReynolds

    Does my tort look ok?

    just wondering if my 1y 4m old Eastern Hermann’s looks ok? She’s recently had a growth spurt and her new growth ring looks weird to me. I’m terrified she’s pyramiding. I keep her in coarse and fine coir and pour water in/spray down every day. She enjoys a foraged diet with 2 mazuri pellets a...
  4. T

    Aldabra with unusually large eyelids?

    These are photos of my three year old aldabra’s eyes. When I gently pet near his eyes, it seems like the size of his nictitating membrane is preventing his eyes from being able to close all the way. I noticed this issue when he was around a year old and have tried giving him terramycin ointment...
  5. nightoff

    Need ID for found tortoise

    A tortoise was found in my neighborhood and I would like to know what type it is so that it is fed and taken care of properly if the owner is not found. Please take a look and idea if you can. Thanks
  6. T

    red foot tortoise keep getting bullied, help!

    hello tortoise people, i really need your help! Ok, so i own 10 red foot tortoises, they probably aged around 1-2 years (someone gave them to me, and i don't know their exact age). They've been living together in the same enclosure together since i own them. But lately there's this 1 red foot...
  7. K

    Russian tortoise swollen leg

    Hi all, i have a Russian tortoise for about 5 years now and this is the first time something is wrong with her. Today I discovered that her left leg is swollen and has a small red mark. I took her to the vet but he didn’t really know what was wrong. It could have been a bite (she is currently...
  8. B

    I'm from Asia looking for a tortoise

    Hi all, I'm from Asia looking to buy a tortoise. Any breeder has a license and will ship to Asia. Kindly reach out to discuss. Have had few scammers online and IG trying to sell to me without proper papers (claiming they have them). Thanks. Have a great day ahead.
  9. P

    Tortoise rehoming

    Hello. I have a 5 year old beautiful sulcata named baby, that I believe is a girl. Not sure. I am looking to rehome her for a few months while we build a pool. Can any one let me know if they are interested? It may become permanent but at this time we are not sure. Baby is super...
  10. X

    Yellowfoot or redfoot tortoise?

    I recently found this turtle in my yard so I did some research and discovered that it could either be a redfoot or yellowfoot tortoise. Can someone please tell me which one it is or if it’s a different kind?
  11. A

    Tortoise Identification Help

    I recently found a tortoise, but I’m unsure about what exact species it is. I would appreciate anyone’s help in identifying it, so I can then figure out what diet is best to feed my new pet. Thank you!
  12. Jaschramm1318

    Beloved Russian Tortoise to rehome :(

    My 9 year old male Russian Tortoise named Merlin cannot go with us to Maine. It's not a great situation for hi, and the climate will be very cold. I am desperate to find a good family to care for him.
  13. Ascott8769

    Sheltered temperature too hot?!

    Hi I have recently got a Mediterranean spur thigh tortoise he has an open vivarium and is being kept in our living room. We have just checked the temperature for the undercover shelter where he sleeps and it is reading at 80F which I am aware is too hot. Any guidance or tips on how to cool it...
  14. B

    Pausing to think (photo)

    You guys ever catch your Torti in a compromising position? Well now and then I'll walk by or check my camera to see what Heidi is doing. Today I caught this girl stuck in a tight spot. It's funny because you can literally see her pausing to figure out how she's going to maneuver her way out of...
  15. LRZtorts

    CB Russian Tortoise hatchlings

    I have some Russian tortoise hatchlings that will be ready for new homes in August. I am currently taking deposits for anyone interested. They are $200 each plus overnight shipping via FedEx (anywhere between $40-75). Local pick up welcome as well. I’m located in TX south of Dallas. Deposits are...
  16. sadid1999

    Is this grassy poo normal?

    So i soaked my russian earlier and all this grassy poo has come out which has never happened before? He has been outside a lot more and i have caught him munching on the grass a few times but is this a problem? it was stuck to his butt quite a lot so a pulled on it slightly and it all came away...
  17. V

    My Horsfield is uncharacteristically lethargic

    Hi, this is my first post here after lurking for years. I need an opinion on whether or not this is an emergency for my tortoise. The earliest exotic vet appointment is August 5th so I don't know if I should wait or not for his check-up. I moved a little over a month ago and my Horsfield...
  18. S

    Do you know what breed of tortoise is this?

    About a year ago, my dad came home with 4 tortoises he bought from a friend, 3 of them were common tortoises you can find in a pet store in South Africa without too much trouble, the smallest one however looked different and landed in my care... I'm unsure of what tortoise this is, but it would...
  19. B

    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    Hello All! So my baby Redfoot, Heidi is about 3 months old now and I just measured her for the first time. she is 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. Now I've looked around online and a few sources I've read say that, that is the approximate size a 1 year old! question to you guys is...
  20. Donnie61

    New tortoise owner from Korea!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from South Korea and this is my new tortoise Donnie :> I got him about a week ago and he's a Horsfield tortoise! I've read a lot of useful information here before I got him so I figured I should just sign up. Thanks for reading!