1. Thegogsen

    College problem

    Well recently i am interested in tortoises. I am reading and watching like crazy about this little creatures for over two months. I want to buy a Russian tortoise. But there is a problem... After two years from this day, i am going to be a college student. So, what do you think? Should i buy...
  2. Timmie


    Hi! 🐢😊
  3. Kim&Tim

    My indoor enclosure

    This is my indoor enclosure, it's 2,6 x 6,7 ft. Timmie also has an outdoor enclosure of 6x6 ft. He likes to climb and the majority of the perimeter is free, so he can either climb or take the easy route. He always sleeps in the cave. All the plants have been alive since January, so I guess...
  4. Timmie


  5. Nopainnohaines

    Indian Star Tortoise Lighting..

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping that someone here can help me. Yesterday, I picked up my hatchling Indian Star. What I had set up in his enclosure prior to his arrival was a 100W ZooMed MVB on a ZooMed light stand. As of now, he's in a ZooMed Tortoise House until he gets larger. To compensate for the...
  6. IMG-20200127-WA0007.jpg


  7. Ruszian Tortoise

    Weed And Feed! Help!

    So almost 4 weeks ago Weed and Feed was put in our yard. Front and back. There's been torrential rain storms since then... But since I don't know what type of Weed and Feed it was, I should not feed my tortoise weeds grown in the yard, right? Any advice as to what I should feed? Most of my...
  8. A

    Help! Lump under my baby sulcata throat!!

    Hello! I am new here, but I wanted your guys' opinion on my African Sulcata tortoise. So apparently I discovered that whenever my tortoise breathes, his throat gets big. Like a frog, but everything sucks back in once he's done inhaling. Is this normal? I got him from a sketchy reptile store...
  9. B

    Why did my tortoise die?

    On May 9, my tortoise that I had for 5 years died. On May 6, I noticed he wasn't walking around much anymore. Sometimes he'd be in same spot 12+ hours later. I knew something was wrong day 1, but everyone around me said I was being dramatic. After 3 days of him barley moving I decided to make my...
  10. terra731993

    Recommended Breeder?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I would like to know the best place/person to purchase a Giant African Leopard tortoise from? My husband and I have done a lot of research and decided this would be the best tortoise for us, however I don’t want to make a mistake and purchase from a...
  11. A

    Any good Russian Tortoise breeders?

    Hi I’m new here. I’ve been doing some research for a while now because I’ve been interested in owning a tortoise for the first time. I’ve settled on a Russian tortoise. Does any one know of any good Russian breeders? I tried to order one with tortoise town and that didn’t go over well so I got a...
  12. R

    Best UVB bulb out there

    Hi everyone! I’m upgrading my baby tortoise cage to a bigger area. I have one baby Greek tortoise about 8 weeks old. I’m upgrading his tort table.. and just realized I might need another uvb bulb for the other side. I currently have a basking bulb as well as a mercury bulb for heat + uvb. I...
  13. aerisama

    What species is my tortoise?

    Hello and nice to meet you, I don't know why it took me so long to find this forum and reach out for help. I found my girl 14 years ago starving and just, dying on the road, while going to a little town in Cancun (south of Mexico) and brought her home. She has seen a fair amount of...
  14. Sugarmagnolia89

    Paint outside of Zoomed Tortoise House

    Hey! I would like to paint the outside only of my zoomed tortoise house (no paint inside) for my red footed tortoises and I am researching nontoxic paint. I will be painting outside and letting it dry but I have a dog and gecko too so I want to make sure the fumes don’t hurt any of my critters...
  15. Michael231

    First tortoises/yellow-footed tortoises in captivity

    My friend and I are currently writing up a report on gigantism in yellow-footed tortoises, and we are finding some very interesting things! However, we are a little stuck right now, and we think the forum could really help us out. As part of our writeup, we are trying to give an overview of the...
  16. F

    Fred's shell

    Hey I have a 2year old Hermann tortoise and his shell seems too be a bit more bumpy than the other tortoises I have seen. Can somebody please tell me if it is normal??? (•‿•)
  17. S

    Sulcata diet

    I bought my Sulcata a month ago and when I got him he was like 6 months old so now he is around 7 months old. I would like a more detailed list of what to feed him because everything I read online contradicts the next thing I read. So it would be nice to have people on here who have had their...
  18. GrassiFranklin

    Tortoise not eating HELP

    Hi! I'm new here, I've had my tortoises for a year now, and I NEED HELP they are male and female of Gopherus berlandieri (Texas tortoise), but I have a few problems, first of all they mainly eat lettuce, they are not eating much tomato or "nopal" (cactus) or anything, they bite it but they don't...
  19. S

    What tortoise should I get?

    Hello, I live in England and am wondering if I should get a tortoise, and if so which one and I was hoping I could get some help. I would like an outdoors tortoise, not to picky about the size (as long as it’s not massive!. I have a medium sized garden and would like one that does not require a...