star tortoise

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    Cherry 🍒🍒
  2. A

    How and what type of heat source should I add here?

    Hey guys any ideas on what type of Heat source I should add here and how? There’s a power source at the back, don’t know if you can see the wore
  3. A

    Tortoise Not Pooping when Soaking

    Hey guys, I have 2 Star Tortoise. I tried to soak them in Lukewarm Water but the girls are not pooping. I’ve checked their enclosure and seen their poop. Any tips on what foods to give to make them poop? I’m worried they’re keeping their poop inside their body
  4. A

    Safe for My Torts?

    Hey guys just wondering is it safe for my tortoise if you look at the bottom you can see her chilling there. There’s a glass partition to separate her. Scared she might flip over and roll down if I let her go up
  5. A

    Why does My tortoise loves this Spot?

    Hey guys, I’m just really curious. I live in Maldives and have 2 Indian Star Tortoise. I’ve had them for 21years. Now the plant in the picture is a Pandan Plant. I always find my Tortoise hiding deep inside the plants. So deep to the point I can’t find them. They’re out in the open so sometimes...
  6. A

    Star Tortoise and Rain

    Hey guys i Have a Pair of Female Star Tortoises in Maldives. Ive had them since i was 10. Theyre 21 Years old this year. My question is i keep them outdoors and whenever it rains especially Heavily, i bring them in and place them under The heat Lamp. But then they go out again in the rain. Now...
  7. Aaru.

    My indian star

    Hi guys this is Aaru. He's an indian star. Here's a cute pic of him.
  8. A

    Indian star tortoise not active

    Hii, I got 6 year old male star tortoise a month back from a friend who was no longer able to take care of.. from last 2-3 days he is not being much active he just sits n rarely walks... When i got him he used to walk non stop. He is eating well (hibiscus flowers & leaf, lady finger, cucumber...
  9. Aaru.


    I have a star tortoise. It's my first time and i don't know his age as it was previously owned by someone else. He seems comfortable in the new environment and is friendly with all of us but i have noticed during his meal he makes a choking kind of sound. It happens once or twice every time he...
  10. Aaru.


    hello guys! My name is Bhumika and i have a star tortoise that was gifted to me a week ago. His name is Aaru. I don't know his age but the previous owners said they had him for 6years. We are still learning more about him everyday and i saw this site while searching about his diet so i decided...
  11. P

    Indian star tortoise 5years old male

    I want to give my indian star 5years old healthy & active tortoise eats bean, baby corn, coriander, tometo, cucumbers if any one interested will take good care good home then can contact me giving because shifting abroad in mumbai india. Email me [email protected]
  12. zackary2431

    Tortoise eyes

    So I had purchased this beautiful star tortoise from a website and just got him a few days ago , I’m very concerned with his eye lids, all though There always open, and he eats with no problems, I’m just concerned with his eye lids ! He does sleep a lot but I’m assuming that’s normal for him...
  13. shellfreak

    Sri Lankan Star Tortoises

    $705 shipped I only have a few left. captive bred raised in closed chamber eating it all soaked daily [email protected] or text 215.840.5240
  14. Rodriguez Chelonians

    Official Rodriguez Chelonians Account

    Hello everyone! Some of you know me and to some of you I am new. My name is Amber Rodriguez and I run Rodriguez Chelonians with my husband Chris, in Southern California. I do have a personal account on the forum but wanted to set up a more official account as our business for you all to have...
  15. Dinner time

    Dinner time

    My Indian star having some din
  16. Xpxgizmo

    New Burmese hatchlings!! Wahoo!

    Hi all, Just got two Burmese star hatchlings that are 1 month old. This forum has helped me so much. Purchased a closed chamber enclosure from my local reptile store and it’s been working really well. Just wanted to say thanks all and let me know if have some tips or advice that’ll improve my...
  17. Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day soak and now at 370 grams. Hatched April 2018
  18. Tortoise tornado

    Identifying tortoise specie

    I bought a baby tortoise awhile back can, any help me identify what kind of star tortoise it is.
  19. akahry

    Reputable Breeder for Star Tortoises?

    Hi, Nice to meet you all! Roy here I just started raising tortoises, very passionate about them! Recently got some ivory Sulcatas from Balland’s ranch and they are doing great! I hope to get some Star tortoise hatchlings this season, Sri Lanka or Indian or Burmese, would like to see if anyone...
  20. H

    Hello from FL

    I have worked in pet stores for many years (not currently tho) and have had quite a few pets. Starting with (of course) dogs, then on to fish (my first love), turtles (mata mata, spotted), tortoises (leopard, red foot), leopard geckos, crocodile skinks, birds (red lored, love birds) , snakes...