1. Sherdil

    Slime and Squeaky tortoise

    Lately, my tortoise has been having these bubbles coming out of his nose. It looks slimy and I don't think he likes it. He started having them about 4 weeks ago. Whenever it happens, he turns to his hand and rubs it. I usually try to clean his nose with water so that he gets better, but then the...
  2. MistakenMexican

    < 1 year old Tortoise with runny nose Advice

    Hi All, I thought I'd seek some community advice. First of all, I have an emergency vet appointment regarding this issue, so please don't worry on my behalf. I'd rather be safe than sorry based on the potential severity of the issue. But I'd also like to hear what people think on the matter...
  3. S

    Help! Sulcata hatchling squeaking, not eating

    I was given a Sulcata hatchling Sunday evening (12/29). Just the baby, no lights or any materials to help keep her alive. I went to a local exotic pet store first thing in the morning to buy as much as I could to house her, and I bought more online that should be arriving Friday (1/3). I'm doing...
  4. Kayla Moore

    Tortoise squeaks!

    Hello, I have had my sulcata tortoise for about 3 months now. He is around 5 months old I am guessing. Recently he has started squeaking, rubbing his eyes, and pulling his head into his shell. His appetite is normal and is staying active. In the morning, he basks but after he eats he takes laps...