1. H9.jpeg


    Love looking into Herbie’s enclosure and seeing him soaking in his water dish. Just relaxing in a warm water. Stay hydrated my friends.
  2. Alisha Hawkins

    Scute rubbed away

    Hey there! Whilst bathing my boy today I noticed one little part above his leg was a lighter cream colour than the rest. Out of curiosity I rubbed the other side thinking it may be a build up of dirt. Upon researching, I feel like this may have been keratin. I'm now questioning if this might...
  3. Digger 17.jpg

    Digger 17.jpg

    Digger is growing
  4. Digger 18.jpg

    Digger 18.jpg

    Digger when I first got him.
  5. S

    Russian Not Pooping

    Hello! I have a 1-2 year old Russian Tortoise. I haven’t noticed him poop (dark or white poop) for about 5 days. He typically poops once a day almost. He is also not eating as much as he used to. I feed him a varied diet of spring mix (minus the spinach), kale, mustard greens, etc. his basking...
  6. Ready to get out

    Ready to get out

    Soak time for my 3 month old radiata
  7. Soak time

    Soak time

    3 month old radiata
  8. Soak time

    Soak time

    1 month old radiata
  9. Ruszian Tortoise

    Soapy Soak!?

    Does no one else always have soap on their hands, even after rinsing?! I wash my hands before giving my tortoise a bath... And I can never get all the soap off! So I always wonder/suspect there to be soap in her bath! Any suggestions? Oh, also.. I always scrub off her bath with soap and water...
  10. E

    Theo got another soak today and was photo ready during his lunch! Got him this week and I’m in love!

    Soaked him for the second time, he loves the water and he loves running around afterwards even more! He’s stuck on romaine and red leaf lettuce but he’s got quite a few dark leafy greens mixed in too! After he ran around he pushed his bedding up in the corner to make a nice little pillow for a...
  11. A

    Poor Tort is Swollen (Advice?)

    good morning all. I’ve had my little Russian box tortoise Torti for 17 years. She’s never had any health problems, and under my care has access to UVB light, a Spring mix diet, regular soaking, supplements, and access to roaming a desert backyard. Yesterday morning, she was in good health but in...
  12. churlishcurls

    New-ish Caretaker, Bath Schedule?

    I've recently taken over as the primary caregiver for my family's Russian, 007. She's lived with my mom for the past ten years, so it's a pretty big adjustment for all parties involved. She's a sweetheart and I aim to spoil her rotten! One thing I'm struggling with is establishing a decent...
  13. TortSpeed

    Bath/Soak Twice in a row??

    Torts drink water when they soak... When they go to the bathroom in the water can I assume they drank first?? Or should I change it as soon as he goes then let him soak?
  14. cristina lazaro

    Tank humidity

    Hey all! So I have a coconut fiber substrate for Lucy my boxie and I spray it down every morning to keep it moist but it dries up right away, should I soak it more thoroughly by pouring water in it? Help! Also what’s a good plant to put in there? Ty!!!
  15. D

    Deworming Baby Tortoise

    My baby leopard tortoise is currently undergoing a deworming treatment for 5 days. Im three days into her treatment and I do notice that she has lost her appetite. Yesterday I soaked her in a mixture of pumpkin and butternut squash baby food mixed in with warm water since she hasn't been showing...
  16. Kdiggs01

    *HELP* Not sure what's going on!

    Hey there. I recently got a Russian Tortoise from a co worker whose kids weren't paying her any attention anymore. My husband and I think the world of her. But today while giving her a soak I touched the bottom part of her shell and she appeared to "twitch".Her head and right leg moved in...
  17. Dianne iin South Florida

    Shelby missed her morning soak, NOT

    I have been off my feet for 2 days from a stupid household accident that required stitches. Yesterday was the second morning my husband was supposed to be taking care of Shelby for me. As I know he has no clue what weeds and leaves to feed her I said let's just make this easy and I gave him...
  18. SkyandSheldon

    Does my sulcata soak too long?

    My sulcata sprawls in the tub for as long as I will let him. He even smiles through it and wants to be near me after, I think it's adorable and he seems happy... But is there risks? Everyone seems to soak for a way shorter amount of time
  19. B

    self-soaking EBT sudden change in behavior

    My two year old Eastern Box Turtle is suddenly obsessed with soaking in the water dish. Her skin fills with water. She even sleeps there! She just shed her skin. She lives in a large aquarium with natural habitat material. She is a super picky eater, eating meal worms and bananas. Any ideas why...