1. A

    Is Aesop Male or Female?

  2. grumpytort


    my little Tort is 3/4 years old now, any idea if he/she’s a boy or girl?! not sure if he’s still to young to tell.
  3. M

    Whats my tortoises age and sex?

  4. T

    HELP NEEDED identifying sex of Chaco Tortoise

    I'm having trouble figuring out the sex of my Chaco Tortoise. Any help would be appreciated. Here are a couple of pictures. If you need more pictures please tell! Thanks!
  5. Alissa Manning

    Elvis & Elsa the marginated tortoises

    Hello my name is Alissa and I have 2 beautiful, 5 year old Marginated Tortoises Elvis and Elsa. Before purchasing them I built my own tortoises table and did intense research so I could be prepared for anything. The only thing I am unable to identify is the difference between Female and Male...
  6. yusufning

    Sexing my Cherryhead

    Hi all, Ive just recently acquired an 11cm Cheeryhead, im trying to determine if its a male or a female? I know its probably too small to determine, but i think its a female. What do you all think? Thanks
  7. Afbhappy

    Marginated sex

    Well, I took Willard (1.5 year old marginated) in to the tort expert to see if he was a Mrs. or a Mr. The guy said with all certainty that he was a she. He showed me her tail and how short it is and the distance from here to there, so on and so forth. She also doesn't have a big indentation...
  8. Neris

    Advise on RF enclosure

    Hello! We got a RF last year on November, and I have a few questions about our current enclosure and the tortoise itself. First, we have a mix of repti-bark (I believe this is the name) and peat moss. I would like to know how often should I replace the whole thing for new one and if the mix...
  9. TinkFoxclaw

    Please help! I really need some help and advice about my tortoise!

    Hi there, thank you for the add to your site. I really am desperate for some help and advice please. In October last year I was given a tortoise by a family member for my daughter. They didn’t know a lot about the tortoise so they gave me some info but I’m not sure how accurate it all is...
  10. N

    Determining Tortoise species

    Hi all, I’ve just adopted these three tortoises from an old man due to him not being able to care for then anymore. I want to give these tortoises the best care they deserve, but I am hoping for your guys help as I’m new to this! I have no idea what breed of tortoise they are or their sex...