1. A

    How can i make this better?

    I have a horsefield tortoise who’s just under 2 years old. Excuse the sawdusty stuff everywhere it’s a bit of a mess atm. I want to find out whether this is okay or i should be adding or getting rid of anything to make sure he stays happy and healthy. the open bit is 80cm x 60cm (2.6ft x 2ft)...
  2. M

    Going Bioactive

    So, I have a pair of Russian Tortoises male and female (they live in a large indoor bin enclosure and have never fought and just left each other alone and have been incredibly docile for all the years I've had them. I do have an old backup glass terrarium as a backup though) and I plan to go...
  3. The Anonymous Fander

    Waiting before putting my turtle back in her setup?

    So I've been upgrading my eastern box turtles setup to a bioactive setup and I've heard that you have to wait 2 weeks to a month to put your reptile back in, is there any danger to putting my boxie in early? I don't have any plants added btw, so that might affect things? Idk, any help would be...
  4. BlueCassowary

    New tortoise owner - care help needed

    Hi all, I am a new tortoise owner and could really do with some advice to make sure I'm on the right track. First of all, here are some pictures of Elliot and his setup: Background: My tortoise is 7 years old and was adopted 4 weeks ago from a friend who did a pet...
  5. M

    Feedback requested -- 1st time Russian Tortoise owner

    Hello All, I hope everyone and their buddies are doing well :)! I'm a first time tortoise owner (decided on a russian tortoise) and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from experienced owners? I would greatly appreciate it! Below is my tortoise and set-up: I got my tortoise from...
  6. B

    Worried first time owners (11 month Horsfield)

    Hello guys. I bought my fiancee and I a Horsfield at the start of the year (it was via and we've called him Peewee. When we got him, he came with a tortoise table, a lamp with a combination UVA/UVB bulb, bedding (I think it was aspen) and the food bowls etc. (I've...