russian enclosure

  1. D

    Creating A Big Enough Enclosure?

    I plan on making my Russian tortoise's indoor enclosure as a 7x2.5 size (a bit awkward but fits in the room); aside from this he has an outdoor enclosure aswell. I know a lot of people strongly suggest an 8x4 enclosure for an adult; so I was wondering if instead of expanding it I could add a...
  2. Otis-RussianTort

    Enclosure Upgrade for Otis!!

    I know size could be bigger, but I am really proud of myself for the changes I have made in the last week for Otis! 🥰 larger enclosure, deeper substrate, hide on the cool side, new light fixture with reptisun 10.0 bulb, and soaking pellets before serving with greens. Basking temp is 100-102...
  3. T

    Multi Level Enclosures to increase sqft

    Howdy! Ever since I was a kid I've wanted a tortoise, and now that I'm 23 I'm finally fulfilling that dream and have decided on a Russian Tortoise. Now I'm still going back and forth between getting an adult or a baby (It's technically my first pet other than betta fishes), and while I am...
  4. T

    Russian Tortoise--pooping in small "nuggets"?

    Hello! Below I've attached some pictures--my Russian tort Ivan, who I've had for around 4 or 5 years, and what his poops have been looking like recently. For the past couple of weeks, his poops have been coming out in these small "nuggets" rather than continuous, larger pieces. At first I...
  5. Victoriatori

    New (unexpected) Russian Owner, advice?

    I apologize for the length. Hello, I may have jumped into this boat a bit more prematurely than planned. I had a friend post about rehoming a Russian tortoise a few months ago, and then again a couple days ago and I've owned reptiles in the past (though it's been a few years and I wasn't...
  6. turtlebean

    Adding a Second Story to Tort’s Enclosure!!

    Hi all! Some months back I built my tortoise a homemade enclosure. It turned out awesome and has held up amazing so far! I designed it with the intention and capability to turn it from a rectangle, into an L shaped enclosure so that Tortillini could have some more space. That’s still the plan...