1. P

    Tortoise rescue advice

    Hello! My family is thinking of rescuing a tortoise that is currently on craigslist. Although we have experience with tortoises and many other reptiles, we are looking for some advice. This tortoise was found on the side of the road and was turned into a pet store. The owner of the pet store...
  2. F

    Help! Getting a tortoise from a bad situation. Never had one before

    Hey everyone new to the group and owning a tortoise This little thing was given to a friend of mine. He has no idea what to do with it but original owner didn’t take good care of it. The tortoise is very small about 4 to 5 inches big and five years old. Breed unknown I don’t know anything...
  3. L

    Questions about adopting a horsefield - Urgent

    Hi i’m the proud moma of 2 Horsefield torts who are 7 and 12 and a Hermann tort who is 5. I have a lot of experience with torts however i have never dealt with rescue or mistreated torts. later this week i will be adopting a 1 and a half year old Horsefield Tortoise who has obviously been very...
  4. Ubercat

    Can you identify my subspecies?

  5. S

    Help! What is wrong my turtles shell?

    recently rescued a red eared slider and while wet the shell looks ok but when out of water and dried it gets very white around the edges of the scutes. I own another ReS and ive never seen this before? what could it be and how can I fix it? edit: I feel like i should also add that the turtle...
  6. yongsaurus

    help identify

    hello can some one please help confirm my tortoise identity? like their age, species and sex ? i’ve never had tortoises so i really dont have any clue other than its a tortoise n not a turtle. a friend hand them to me after they found this little buddy in their garage :<
  7. Colinpv

    Lazarus found a really awesome new home!!

    So as some of you may or may not of seen, My Sulcata needed to go to a really, really good home. Well i called a rescue and this really nice guy answered, and without hesitation said he would take them. Well when the time came he blew me off and never answered any calls or texts. i was so upset...
  8. Colinpv

    I need some help regarding a few different things

    Hi my names colin and i live in rural Arizona. i recently adopted two box turtles and a desert tortoise (i have no clue what kind they are, all i know is someone said my tortoise looks like a sonoran), anyways, he has black around his mouth and it wont go away and im thinking the worst i think...