red foot tortoise

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    Tomato's first Christmas, Happy Holidays all (late post)
  2. NaniRedstone

    What to feed a redfoot?

    Hi Everybody, so Redstone our redfooted tortoise hardly eats 🤔 so far he's had mixes of kale/dandelion leaves/ parsley/ squash/ spring greens/ tomatoes/ superworms/ strawberries & mango (not all at once) but those have been the only things I've managed to get so far, but any way with researching...
  3. Isabel Casiño

    No growth for 8 months???

    I’ve had King for 8 months. I had him in a 60 gallon enclosure, and kept heat and humidity under control. For the past eight months I don’t see any growth or weight gain... I’ve always fed him a handful of food but he never finished it. I’m worried if I’m doing something wrong..? He always had a...
  4. Isabel Casiño

    Tips on outdoor housing?

    We’ve managed to get King into Alabama and now we are planning to get a house with a backyard, we used to live in an apartment building and King would stay in an indoor enclosure. I wanted to know if there are any tips some people could give me on how to house him in our backyard, like what...
  5. A

    I need help planning i diet for my red footed tortoise

    I’m getting a red footed tortoise next thursday but i need help by people that have/had red footed tortoises. I need help making a good weekly diet plan for it.
  6. Mystic_Queen

    My new little red foot

    Picked up my little guy yesterday. Finally after almost a month waiting. He/she is 4 months old. And I have to say I’m in love. I chose this one out of several others due to to this one being the one who kept coming up to me and each time was placed back with the other seven he/she came running...
  7. R

    Help! (Peeling on plastron)

    I have a young red footed tortoise that is approximately 3 months or so old. He’s roughly the size of a golf ball. When I got him I noticed these little skin like flaps on his belly but was told that it was normal from when he hatched. Can anyone tell me if there is anything I should do about...
  8. R

    Red foot tortoise with white spots on plastron. Help!

    So my baby red foot tortoise just started to get these little white spots on her plastron. I’m pretty sure it’s fungus growing on her shell. What do you guys recommend I should buy to help her out? Will athletes foot fungus cream help? If so which one and how do I treat her with it? Thank you!!!
  9. A

    New here! I’m getting a leopard or red foot, I have questions!

    Hey everyone, I’m about to finally get my tortoise! I have never had a tortoise before and I need some help. I’ve had many species of reptiles and amphibians, but caring for those are a bit different. I was looking to get a red foot hatchling or a leopard hatchling. I live in Illinois so the...
  10. B

    tortoise table fluorescent tube fixture

    I've recently purchased two Arcadia products, the Ultra Seal fluorescent lighting controller and the lamp reflector. I'm trying to implement both of these products into my tortoise table but I'm having trouble. Could I possibly use zip ties to secure the light into place (zip tie the wires to...
  11. X

    Edible/home grown plants

    Hi, I have 2 box turtles at the moment and I will likely be getting either a red or yellow foot tortoise or an elongated tortoise in the next couple months. I am wanting to grow some plants that can be used in indoor enclosures for natural shade/hides and aren’t harmful if they are munched on...
  12. Autiwara

    Do's and Dont's of building a tortoise table? (RF)

    I'm planning to hopefully build a new enclosure for my 2 year old red foot but with 0 experience in building anything, 0 knowledge about wood and 0 knowledge about insulation I wanted to take some precautions and ask if there are any possible mistakes to avoid making my first enclosure and any...
  13. B

    Tortoise table fluorescent tube fixture

    I'm currently in the process of constructing a new table for my red foot tortoise. I'm going to put in a uvb fluorescent tube but I'm having a problem with actual figuring how to fix the tube to the table. I don't want to use a fixed plastic tube holder as they're heavy, limit how long a tube...
  14. B

    What UVB fluorescent for an 8 year old red foot tort?

    Upgrading my current table to a new one, I've been told a uvb fluorescent tube is better than the normal uvb light I have. So my question is, what sort of uvb fluorescent tube should I get (5.0,10.0 and what length)? And what brand (Currently I'm using equipment from Exo Terra, are they good?)...
  15. Autiwara

    exo terra large tall (36x18x36/90x45x60) for juvenile red foot??

    I currently have my small red foot tortoise in an exo terra large wide (36x18) but was thinking of switching it out with the large tall, it would still be 36" long but taller so that I could maybe plant some stuff and hang the mvb lamp and CHE inside of the tank by a chain so it wouldn't have to...
  16. Autiwara

    naturalistic indoor enclosure for RF?

    TL;DR wanting to change my setup to something naturalistic, wondering about living peat moss as a bedding. Would it be too wet? My juvenile red foot Clyde is currently living in a 90x45x30 cm which is now only a layer of paper towels, an MVB basking light, a CHE and a dry hide with papertowels...
  17. erinbug

    Petco pyramiding

    Hello! I'm new here and also have a post about my enclosure in the Introductions thread but had a question about RF shell pyramiding. I'm buying my juvenile redfoot today from Petco - the guy there didn't seem to know much but said it was a couple years old. He's still small, maybe 6 inches...
  18. erinbug

    Adopting my first RF tortoise today!

    Hello, My name is Erin and I've been prowling this forum for about a month while setting up my first redfoot tortoise enclosure! Our Petco has had a RF juvenile for several years and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and rescue the little guy from his much-too-cramped tank. And today is...
  19. DougK

    Meet Rambo!

    Rambo is red foot, about 8&1/2”, male, with scute issues, but totally healthy and has a great personality❣️
  20. K

    Help with red foot Tortoise please. Humidity.

    Hi, my father has had his tortoise about 9 years now and for the vast majority hasn't been looking after the poor fella properly due to flase information given about diet etc from the so called expert breeder. Poor lad started to pyramid abit due to said wrong diet. My Father has some sort of...