1. Ready to get out

    Ready to get out

    Soak time for my 3 month old radiata
  2. Soak time

    Soak time

    3 month old radiata
  3. Soak time

    Soak time

    1 month old radiata
  4. 1 Month Radiata.jpg

    1 Month Radiata.jpg

    My 1 Month Old Radiated Tortoise
  5. Texas Scott

    Proud new keeper 😀😄

    Today I was fortunate enough to purchase two Radiated babies from Jay Russo.
  6. yusufning

    Radiated Tortoise Pyramiding

    Hi Everyone, Recently, a friend of mine gave me this radiated tortoise. It is a male and the size is 29cm. I know that males can grow up to 40cm. So is there any possibility that the pyramiding will get better (smooth out) overtime?
  7. K

    U.K. Radiated tortoise owner!

    Hey everyone. I joined this forum a while ago not sure if I actually posted anything though! Had my baby radiated since about May! Would love to know if there’s any other U.K. keepers in here! Here’s the little dude this morning! I think I’ve done pretty well on good shell growth so far? What...
  8. SLOsurf805

    Where to find radiated in CA

    Looking to purchase/adopt radiated tortoise in California
  9. S

    Impprting Radiated Tortoise from UK to Ireland

    Hello all! First time poster, long time reader :D I am currently considering purchasing an adult male Radiated from source in the UK. The animal is microchipped and has an article 10 CITES exemption certificate. As far as housing the Tort he will have a 5m X 3m brick & wood glasshouse (well...
  10. Rocky Mountain Man

    Sexing rads of 10+ inches

    Hello, I had this Rads for more than 5 years now. The tortoise is close to 6 years old and weights about 3,975 g and about 10 inches SCL. I know it is difficult to visually sex Rads but wonder if we can give it a try. Hope the following photos provide some hints. Can it be certain a female or...
  11. R

    Humidity Level low?

    Last year I adopted a radiated tortoise. This is my first tortoise! So, I'm constantly researching in hopes that I'm doing everything right! He's pretty small. So, he’s currently living in a 20g glass aquarium. His temps are always around 80-90 degrees and his humidity levels pretty much stay...