radiated tortoise

  1. zackary2431

    Radiated tortoises

    Hello my name is Zackary , I live in California and have been keeping tortoises for about 15 going on 16 years , I’ve been look for a radiated tortoises for some time now and would appreciate any advice on how I can acquire one , other then that , have a great day !
  2. B

    Black cherry head and radiated tortoise?

    Hello! i have a over year old black cherry head tortoise and would like to get a radiated tortoise. i have read about the different diseases and stuff but dont know how these two can pair up if atall. i have a large table enclosure. thank you!!
  3. Ready to get out

    Ready to get out

    Soak time for my 3 month old radiata
  4. Ready to get out

    Ready to get out

    Soak time for my 3 month old radiata
  5. Soak time

    Soak time

    3 month old radiata
  6. Soak time

    Soak time

    1 month old radiata
  7. 3 Month Radiata.jpg

    3 Month Radiata.jpg

    My 3 Month old Radiated Tortoise
  8. 1 Month Radiata.jpg

    1 Month Radiata.jpg

    My 1 Month Old Radiated Tortoise
  9. Texas Scott

    Proud new keeper 😀😄

    Today I was fortunate enough to purchase two Radiated babies from Jay Russo.
  10. T

    Male radiated tortoise

    Hi, Has anyone experienced your male tortoise trying to breed your female tortoise but his thing doesn't come out. I see him all the time trying to but nothing. I took him to the vet about 6 months ago and he did an xray and felt inside and said everything is normal. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. yusufning

    Radiated Tortoise Pyramiding

    Hi Everyone, Recently, a friend of mine gave me this radiated tortoise. It is a male and the size is 29cm. I know that males can grow up to 40cm. So is there any possibility that the pyramiding will get better (smooth out) overtime?
  12. x-tank

    Radiated Tortoise for sale in CA

    Very nice yellow radiated tortoise. was born 06/2018. healthy eats everything. raised in high moisture enclosure. smooth shell, no pyramiding. weight 388 grams. Local pick up ONLY near Torrance, CA 90505. No ship Cash only, no paypal. Buyer must be California resident. $1200 OBO please PM...
  13. SLOsurf805

    Where to find radiated in CA

    Looking to purchase/adopt radiated tortoise in California
  14. Kubrick71

    Wanted Radiated in NY

    I’m looking for a radiated tortoise in New York.
  15. biyeshengplay

    A busy morning of my radiated tortoises