outdoor enclosure

  1. L

    Looking for 5'x2' outdoor enclosure, that can be shipped to me

    Hey! Looking for some advice here :) I move and got my first outdoor space ever! The balcony of my new apartment has room for a 5'x2' enclosure, and I am hoping to maximize the room that my russian tortoise Tywin has outside. Constraints: I have no car, though I am willing to Uber from the...
  2. J

    Building Norbert, our 4 year old Hermanns an outdoor play pen

    Hi all, my Daughter and I are new to this site! we have a baby hermanns who so far has been living in our indoor inclosure (we’ve had him 6 months) and want to let him enjoy the outdoor world now the weather is better. Ive been trying to do some research and am a bit overwhelmed by the...
  3. I

    Outdoor Tortoise Enclousure

    Hey guys! I'm definitely going to need to build another enclosure for my hermann tortoise. She has outgrown her environment indoors and the weather is finally starting to look nice for her species! I want to get everything right the first time so she can be happy for years to come. Here are...
  4. B

    Outdoor playpen

    We are needing to sort out an outdoor area for our Hermann. Our garden is small and totally covered in stones. Because of this, it needs to be something that can be folded away. We have found something that is a decent size and has netting for protection that can easily be stored away but we are...
  5. snailpeekoutofshell

    ReptiChip/coco coir combo outside?

    This is the ReptiBark This is the coco coir After prepping my outdoor area for Beans I've been thinking about how I can get some clean fill dirt in his enclosure... but it would be a lot of labor to move that amount of dirt on my own and I would also have to purchase a wheelbarrow and something...
  6. G

    New enclosure and burrowed

    Hi all! I'm new here but decided to make an account because I'm worried about my Russian tort, Arnie. I built him a new outdoor enclosure (8 ft long, 3.5 ft wide, 3 ft high) with a lid on top. I introduced Arnie to it (with supervision) for a short periods for a few days because he's never had...
  7. Jenna Ryanne

    Tortoise Always Hides When He’s Outdoors

    Hi guys! I have a couple of questions about my Russian tortoise (Peetrie) and spending time outdoors. My tortoise is about 10 months old and up until this point has stayed in his terrarium indoors. I have wanted him to have an enclosure outdoors as well, but unfortunately the backyard to my...
  8. AgataP

    Outdoor living space for Herbie.

    Spring is here and I absolutely love seeing Herbie outside enjoying his tortoise travels and eating his treats while enjoying the sun. Since he is way to small to let him be in the grass I have decided to build an outdoor box where he can be safe, have some roaming space and has no way to dig...
  9. Isabel Casiño

    Help Building Baby Red Foot Tortoise OUTDOOR Enclosure

    I am going to build an outdoor enclosure for my year old baby red foot tortoise, we live in Prattville, AL, and it gets pretty hot and humid and I thought of keeping him in our backyard for the rest of the year until winter. Right now temperatures go from 70F and have around 60% humidity but it...
  10. W

    Soaking pool for outdoor enclosure

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this topic has been covered already but I couldn't find a thread on it. I am constructing an outdoor enclosure for my 3yo red foot and would like to have water for him to soak in. My thought was to maybe do an in ground shallow fountain and somehow hookup some time...
  11. tortiella

    Outdoor snake concerns

    Hey everyone. I won't be letting my little one out until he's big enough to at least try to protect himself, but I wanted to ask this now ahead of time. I'm in sunny Tucson AZ, and I'd love to build an outdoor enclosure. The only issue is that we have an unholy amount of rattlers where I live...
  12. E

    Tortoise noise tolerance?

    I'm wondering about how much noise tortoises can tolerate. I'm planning on getting a Mesopotamian Greek tortoise in the near future, and to have it live in a vivarium some of the time, but an outdoor pen when weather is favorable. However, the best place for a pen- in terms of sunlight and...
  13. Isabel Casiño

    Tips on outdoor housing?

    We’ve managed to get King into Alabama and now we are planning to get a house with a backyard, we used to live in an apartment building and King would stay in an indoor enclosure. I wanted to know if there are any tips some people could give me on how to house him in our backyard, like what...
  14. atx95

    Outdoor baby Sulcata

    Hello forum! I have been keeping my Sulcata baby outdoors in the Texas heat for the last month. Temperatures get above 100 degrees everyday. He has plenty of shade and I soak him 3 times a day. I was wondering if there is anything I should keep a eye on or pay special attention too. He is very...
  15. Outdoor enclosure russian balcony

    Outdoor enclosure russian balcony

  16. Part of russian outdoor enclosure

    Part of russian outdoor enclosure

  17. Russian outdoor

    Russian outdoor

    Part of russian outdoor enclosure
  18. Greenhouse


    Greenhouse with basking lamp and 2 plexiglass plates that let's 90% uvb through
  19. IMG_2948.jpg


    Rainbow in his/her outdoor enclosure.
  20. IMG_2946.jpg


    4.25" and 550 grams. Enjoying the new outdoor enclosure.