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    Russian tortoise uvb

    I have a 4 year old russian tortoise named trevor that I got around 2 days ago and ive noticed since ive had him his eyes stay shut when im around him but when I have a camera set up he opens them and I was wondering if my UVB effected him, I was told that my uvb was good for him but ive heard...
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    Russian Tortoise

    I just brought a Russian tortoise home. It's only been a been day and a half, all he does is sit in the corner in his hide. But I know he needs time to adapt. He came up for a bit ate and went back. I do have a question about what exactly I should feed him and what brand of supplement I should...
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    need advice & reassurance-redfoot help!!!

    Hi everyone! I’m a new redfoot owner and i’ve been researching for months. i built a tortoise table, keeping the temp 80-85 with a 90-95 degree basking area. i’ve soaked her every day and kept the humidity level 70-75. I have fake plants and a hut for her to feel comfortably hid, as well as two...
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    Long time listener, First time caller

    Hey there ladies, gents, and non-binaries my name is Cole and I'll try not to offend anyone but I make no promises. I have 2 baby sulcatas Drax hatched in mid - late August 2019 and Baby Yoda hatched mid july - early August 2019. They are about the same size B.Y being bigger by about 1/2inch and...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello all❗ Thank you for the welcome JOSH❗