1. L

    Tortoise spent several days in water pan

    My 45+ year old tortoise has spent several days in her water pan. She's had her head up and been looking at me when I look at her. This is in her outside home where she spends the summer. Today she looked like she had drowned. Head down in the water and very slow to respond when I touched...
  2. V

    My Horsfield is uncharacteristically lethargic

    Hi, this is my first post here after lurking for years. I need an opinion on whether or not this is an emergency for my tortoise. The earliest exotic vet appointment is August 5th so I don't know if I should wait or not for his check-up. I moved a little over a month ago and my Horsfield...
  3. tamzsturg

    Newbie here with poorly tort:(

    Hi I’m new to this so apologies if I’m not posting this correctly! My names Tamzin, I’m 19, living in the midlands UK and have a 12 year old Horsefield tortoise named Tarquin. I go to uni but come back home pretty regularly to see my pets who live with my parents. Over the past few weeks Tarquin...
  4. selbe85

    Tortoise shell becoming soft

    I've had my Burmese Star hatchlings for a couple months. I noticed this week their shells are becoming soft, some more than others and it worries me. What can I do to make it better? Tortoise #1 (Kross) - very soft carapace/plastron, lethargic, not eating #2 (Jack) - soft carapace/plastron...
  5. S

    Russian Tortoise Extremely Lethargic in Winter

    Hello! I have had my russian tortoise for over 15 years (got her when I was 12 or so). She does have some unnatural shell growth that was due to improper lighting within the first few years of having her. She has remained the same size/same look since. I wanted to inquire about how lethargic she...
  6. ashleymiller28

    Baby sulcata lethargic and barely eating

    Hello, I am extremely worried while typing this. The past few days my 9month old sulcata tortoise has been extremely lethargic when she is usually very active and eating twice a day. I have only been able to get her to take a few bites of pure pumpkin but nothing more each day. Basking temps are...
  7. A

    Please help! New owner, have questions

    Hello you all! I am a new tortoise owner and I love this forum! First the backstory and plain information, in case you are going to ask about all the usual things: We got two 4,5 months old hermann’s tortoises about a week ago and the pet shop owner told us that it was fine to have them...
  8. amberlypage

    Box Turtle Burrowing to Sleep

    Hi everyone! I’m a new box turtle owner. I’ve had Sammie for about 2 months now! In the past week, he’s been burrowing in his substrate to sleep and isn’t moving around as much. He’s usually pretty active climbing and trampling his enclosure, and I feel like he’s been acting a little odd. Any...
  9. W

    Why is my tortoise incredibly lethargic?

    I "adopted" a Russian tortoise (from a family who could no longer care for him) a little over four years ago. As far as I can tell, he is still fairly young (around eight-years-old). He is normally very active in the summer; however, as of the past month or so, he has been EXTREMELY lethargic...
  10. E

    Yellow Bumps

    Hello! I have a 3 month old Sulcata Tortoise. His name is Enzo and I love him so incredibly much. He has yellow bumps on his legs, face, and neck. I’m extremely worried about him and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the bumps. Thank you for your guys help
  11. RobynandLeo

    New Baby leopard- lethargic and one eye closed

    I have had my baby leopard for about 3 weeks now and up until the last few days he has been fine. Eating and very lively (as well as going to the toilet in his water every few days). But yesterday he was very lethargic, sleepy and spent most of the day with one eye closed. I’m worried there’s...
  12. BentoNeko

    Distilled Water? Year old Eastern Boxie Not very Active

    I have a year old female Eastern Box turtle! Here lately she seems to be very lethargic. I went away for about a month and left her in the care of my relatives who started giving her distilled water. I've heard distilled water is very, very bad for them! Could that be why shes been so immobile...
  13. S

    My Russian Tortoise won't eat or move..

    Hi everyone! I posted a few weeks ago about my Russian Tortoise Nahiri and how she wouldn't eat and was very active, running around her table. Some people suggested that she was trying to lay eggs. Others said she may have parasites. I took her to the vet and she had intestinal parasites and...
  14. C

    Lethargic Tort

    Help: Tort Lethargic I have a Russian Tort who I purchased from a local reptile store 3 months ago. He is ailing! Over the last 6 weeks he has become increasingly lethargic. Here’s some numbers: -age 5 -5 1/4” carapace -14 3/4 oz. on 2/23/19 -15 oz. on 4/5/19 -14 1/4 oz. on. 5/31/19...
  15. samta23

    New Baby Russian Sick or Just Sleepy?

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for taking your time to read my thread and offering your help and advice! I got a new baby russian tortise, Yoshi, on 5/16/2018. He was suppose to be 6 months, but he was really small imo and only weighed in at 22g. His weight progression has been steady. One week later...
  16. Rusky

    Tortoise might be sick or trying to hibernate

    Rusky is a young tortoise, living in a temporary 1 1/2 x 3 ft tank. I got him about a month ago. He was not eating much, but he ate every day. However, he has not eaten for three days now, and has been sleeping almost nonstop, burrowing in different areas around his enclosure. I think he may be...