1. yay14

    Gritty urates

    Did not get any replies on other thread so i will try again haha. Hi everyone my yearling hermann tortoise has passed some gritty urates recently, It started around mid december and i made a post about and got recomendations to higher humidity soak more and spray food with water and i did all...
  2. T

    HELP! Sick Tortoise Rehydration

    Hi Guys, I need some expert advice on how to handle my sick tortoise He is a 22cm SCL radiated tortoise, and lately has been eating less and less, until 2 days ago where he completely stopped eating. We brought it to a vet and she said that it has a high chance that he got a respiratory...
  3. R

    How to get an injured tortoise to stay hydrated?

    Hi all, I have a two years old Hermanns' who was badly chewed in her front and back shell by a dog. She has been at the Vets for a week and returned home two days ago. I am to give her antibiotics and change her dressings every three days. My main concern at the moment is ensuring she stays...
  4. churlishcurls

    New-ish Caretaker, Bath Schedule?

    I've recently taken over as the primary caregiver for my family's Russian, 007. She's lived with my mom for the past ten years, so it's a pretty big adjustment for all parties involved. She's a sweetheart and I aim to spoil her rotten! One thing I'm struggling with is establishing a decent...
  5. Russian Rehab

    Pee Pee Problems

    Hello all, New first time owner of a previously severally neglected Russian T. My question Do you think LOts of Pee means he properly hydrated/ in good shape or could it be considered diarrhea ? A quick history: He came from a glass fish tank with no light at all just ambient and...