herman tortoise

  1. TacoHermanooo

    Just little hiii from the gang :)

    Taco and his not so little brother Bernardo 💙 Don’t worry they are never left alone together but they have a little time together every day supervised so they’re use to each other being around. Hope everyone is well 🥰
  2. A

    How to treat a chipped shell?

    Hi guys, I’ve just got back from uni and noticed that our tortoise has a chip at the back of his shell, above his back left leg. It looks red where the chip has occurred, and got kind of dirty - I’ve removed the dirt where I can but he’s an awful wriggler! Anything I can do?
  3. J

    Hermanns Tortoise Help!

    Hi all I am fairly new to this so please bare with me! I have a (aprox) 1 year old Hermanns tortoise and am struggling with the enclosure. I currently use a mix of Tortoise Life Substrate and Orchid Bark which it seems fine with…. Unless anyone else has any other recommendations. But I am...
  4. J

    Tortoises for sale on Craigslist. Should I purchase?

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to purchase a Herman’s on Craigslist. This is the ad: https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/for/d/brooklyn-tortoise/7363321992.html The owner said that he’s two years old and around 6 inches. Sounds like he’s almost at adult size but he’s still a yearling. Is there...
  5. L

    Is our tortoise a male or female?

    Hi there, a year and a half ago we got two young tortoises, they were roughly four months old when we got them. When we got them the breeder said they should both be girls due to the temperature at which they were incubated. They are now about 2 years old and one of them is demonstrating some...
  6. N

    Tortoise eye looks weird - please help!

    Hi guys, I’m a very new tort owner and don’t know what to do. I noticed my tort’s eye has sort of shifted to the left?? Last night he couldn’t seem to open it after napping also. I’ve attached pics to compare the normal eye to the weird one. I don’t know what to do:( thank you x
  7. R

    Is it ok to take baby Hermanns tortoise into the garden?

    Hello, I recently purchased a baby Hermanns tortoise and I was wondering whether it's ok for me to take him into the garden because the weather is good at the moment. I understand that I have to be extremely careful to not lose him, as tortoises can run, but other than that is it ok? I have not...
  8. keiferdoss

    Can't Find Any Incandescent Flood Lights

    I can't seem to find any incandescent flood light bulbs that are local or available to ship to me. Any recommendations on alternative lighting for a basking spot? I was wondering if anyone has used a CHE bulb for the basking spot or if that wouldn't work. I'm getting a baby eastern Hermann's...
  9. RatQueen_Irene

    Keeping Humidity Up Hatchling Eastern Hermann

    Hello, nice to meet you all! My hatchling eastern hermann's tortoise is arriving tomorrow and I'm very excited, decided to name him Kepler (after the telescope) haha I have everything I think I need to make a good enclosure, having read everything I could get my hands on the past two years...
  10. Jennelos

    Adapting to new environment?

    Hello Tortoise Forum! I recently (a couple weeks ago) got my little Ichabod after 2 years of researching. So first off, thank you all for all your advice and help in educating me. He is a 2 year old Herman, and I am so very attached to him. He can be so outgoing and curious, and then reclusive...
  11. T

    Age and size through time

    hi everyone, i got this little one a month ago and she weighs 125 gr, in the place that i bought her they told me that she was 3 years old or something like that, but i have to ask does someone has a chart or something to compare is growth for the years to come?. sorry if i misspelled some...
  12. B

    Outdoor playpen

    We are needing to sort out an outdoor area for our Hermann. Our garden is small and totally covered in stones. Because of this, it needs to be something that can be folded away. We have found something that is a decent size and has netting for protection that can easily be stored away but we are...
  13. B

    Edge of Shell Flaring/Fringing/Turning Upwards

    Hi there! I'm looking for some experienced opinions. Attached are some pictures of my little Hermanns (please excuse the calcidust on her bottom, she's been roaming) - I'm a little worried as I've noticed the edge of the back of her shell is slightly flared/turned upwards (she's around a year...
  14. B

    Burying Herself

    Hi all, My little Hermann was moved into her new table today and she seems very happy, however I had a right panic when I couldn't find her anywhere! Long story short, she had fully buried herself under the soil beneath her UVB Combi Bulb and I just wanted to make sure this is normal...
  15. O

    my 7 month old hermanns tortoise has diarrhoea

    I've had my 7 month old hermanns tortoise for 2 weeks and it's had diarrhoea ever since i got it. I mainly feed it sow thistle, kale, lamb's lettuce and clover but i try to switch it up every day. I soak it every other day for 20 minutes and rub calcium into its food every other day as well...
  16. TortoiseBlobs

    Help! Hermanns “gasping”(?)

    Hi everyone, Up front I’ll just say that while typing this, things feel less scary than when I started. But I’d still love some consult! Kirby, my 6 yo Dalmatian Hermanns started acting distressed this evening after eating some pellets of mushy mazuri. She was doing the following in 5-15 sec...
  17. L

    Looking for advice (sleeps a lot)

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. The last 3 days my hermann tortoise has got up eaten his food then slept under his heat light all day, he moves around changing positions. The temperature under his heat light is 35°c and the rest of the house is 20°c, i bathe him every...
  18. victoria.shayne

    Bo's New Table Setup !

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns PLEASE bring them up! Size is 2'x4'
  19. yay14

    Still passing gritty urates

    So my 1 year 2 months old hermann tortoise just passed some gritty urates again, at first i thought that the reason he was getting gritty urates were just becuse he was kept to dry before and that it should clear up now eventually now that the humidity is good, but now he has been kept in good...
  20. A

    Tortoise tipping water

    My Hermanns, Ravi has recently started crawling under his water dish. In doing so, he completely empties it. He then carries it on his back to sit underneath it by his light. I have no idea why he is doing this, can anyone help? He has never done this and we haven’t changed anything about how...