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  1. A

    Baby Russian tortoise - not opening eyes much

    Hello, I am hoping for some help with what could be causing my Russian tortoise (Sheldon) to act this way and how best I can help him. I have booked a vets appointment but it’s 5 days away and I’m worried he will be suffering. Bit of background - I got Sheldon from a pet shop locally, I wasn’t...
  2. L

    Please help! Possible R.I.

    Hi! I'm new here and this is my first post. I've had a south african leopard tortoise for almost 15 years and this is the first time she might be sick. She recently came out of hibernation/brumation in mid/late March (kept indoors, I haven't always lived with her but from what I remember she...
  3. Lukas Miller

    Baby Red-footed Tortoise is Sick?

    Hello everyone I am a new tortoise owner and have noticed perculier behavior with my tortoise. My tortoise cant seem to open its eyes. I take it out of its indoor cage everyday for a soaking but it hasn't opened its eyes for the past couple of day. It has still managed to somehow eat a little...