help identifying

  1. T

    Hingeback ID

    Hallo, I would like to adopt a hingback, but I'm not sure what type it is. The person says it's a tanzanian hingeback, (perhaps zombensis?) It can be skepii or natalensis but I'm not sure? I heard @tortadise is good, so I'm hoping they could help?
  2. M

    Help identify old boy

    Hello, Please could you help identify this tortoise? It has been with my wife’s grandmother for 65 years and is believed to have been 10-15 years old when she originally got it. The old boy is fit and active, but unfortunately Gran is now starting to struggle. Before committing to ‘inheriting’...
  3. LeafTort

    Help identifying tortoise?

    I was recently gifted a tortoise by friends who no longer had the time to look after her (don't worry, i've done a lot of research on how to care for them and she seems fine! currently moving her from a vivarium to larger tortoise table) but they only told me she was a Mediterranean tortoise...
  4. Jannra

    Can anyone help me identify my hermann's tortoise?

    So my hermann's tortoise has 4 vertebral scutes and is missing the 5th one that would be used to identify. The breeder had no idea if it's Western or Eastern just that his Hermann's are his smallest tortoises. He also breeds redfoot and Greek tortoises. Several of the scutes on the side are also...