1. Soak Time

    Soak Time

    5 mo old Egyptian soaking
  2. A

    Egyptian Tortoise Sexing

    Hi, I have had 4 Egyptians for 3 and a bit years and just wondered if anyone could assist with sexing them. I know they are still relatively young but they were about a year when I got them so I think they’re coming up to an age that I should be able to start determining it. Any advice...
  3. ShirleyTX

    Guess who woke up? Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise

    Note: Please don't be alarmed at the white oyster shell substrate in my photos. It is one of the two recommended substrates for this species! You might already know that my Egyptian tortoise arrived last Thursday and was essentially motionless for four days. I was freaking out like a mom with...
  4. Alex Prolucs

    3 Egyptians, 1 Greek

    Hello! I have got 3 Egyptian tortoises; 2 small-size, 1 medium and 1 Greek medium-sized. My question, Is it safe to put them together? Or do I have to seperate them? Like 3 Egyptians in an enclosure and 1 Greek in another. I can provide pictures if needed.