1. M

    General Advice

    Hi I'm brand new to owning tortoises and my first tortoise is a baby russian/horsefield tortoise named Albus. I bought him very recently I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about him and whether I'm doing the right thing. At the moment his enclosure is 90cm X 50cm which is a little small but...
  2. aerisama

    What species is my tortoise?

    Hello and nice to meet you, I don't know why it took me so long to find this forum and reach out for help. I found my girl 14 years ago starving and just, dying on the road, while going to a little town in Cancun (south of Mexico) and brought her home. She has seen a fair amount of...
  3. KhairulTort

    Poorly Started Hatchling on the Mend

    Its now been a little over two months and my little Sulcata is now properly recovering from any of the visible issues of his upbringing, and I’ve figured out how to house him happily. (Ignore the humidity gauge. It’s a 80% sauna in there) Never again shall I buy an animal from an improper...
  4. oneilmatt

    Specific Questions About Hatchling Care

    Hi all, I just received a pair of 3-Toed Box Turtles about 2 months ago. These are my first turtles and my first reptiles. This lack of experience is the reason I am posting. I keep them outside in a spacious enclosure, and the female just laid a clutch of eggs about a week ago. I have...
  5. J

    Worried About My Friends Baby Redfoot

    So I am watching my friends baby red foot for a bit and I’ve been doing it for about a month and I just am so worried I’m doing something wrong. I feed her spring mix every morning and some at night. In the morning i put spring mix a little bit over the top of the bowl pictured below and just...
  6. H

    Help Check if condition of baby sulcata is ok

    Hello! I am new to the forum and certainly very new to tortoise keeping! I have recently bought a baby sulcata this month during a reptile show. The sellers said it was a hatchling and that the babies hatched last August. I wanted to know if my new sulcata looks okay at the moment. I'm...
  7. S

    I need lots of tort help...

    I'm new to this.. i have a lot of questions about our torts health. My family has 3 sulcata torts, around 2 years old. As they've gotten older, one of them has just stopped getting bigger. Myrtle and Rafael are huge, while Tucker is half their size. I recently found out that torts need lots of...
  8. T

    Noob pre-purchase questions: Leopard, Russian, or other?

    Greetings TF family! My wife and I want to get our son a turtle for Christmas. I have been doing a bit of research and lurking a bit on TF, and today I decided to create an account in order to get the best use out of the forum. We live in Los Angeles and own to dogs. -I want to get either a...
  9. BurtTheTortoise

    Baby Redfoot here

    hello! My name is Burt. I am a 6 month old redfoot hatchling living in Wisconsin. My humans are new to this tortoise thing so any advice or tips are appreciated as they are trying to suit me best. Attached are pictures of me and my enclosure which is 2.5x3.5 feet. I have an Instagram...
  10. M

    Turtle indoor or outdoor

    Hello im new to the forum and new owner of a turtle, its a land turtle and lived in my house for years in the garden, but now hes in my room for some days, i gave him a piece of cucumber and some water now, he barely eats. my question is, should i release him back? then how i feed him and take...
  11. A

    weird mark on Russian tortoise's neck update?

    it looks better to me, but should i still be concerned? is there anything i can do to help it heal? should i try to find a vet to take a look? (the first photo is from two weeks ago, the second photo is from today) thank you!
  12. A

    weird mark on Russian Tortoise's neck? (freaking out!!)

    hi everyone! i was soaking Terry and i noticed this mark on his neck. it looks like a cut and i'm thinking maybe it happened while he was going into his shell? does anyone else think it looks like something else? and what should i do? i'm scared :(
  13. A

    Preparing for a possible adult Russian

    Hello all! I just signed up today. I have been trying to research as much as I can before committing to taking an adult Russian home. When researching, I've been trying to read as many articles and watch as many YouTube videos to help me determine what is a true consensus across the board. I...
  14. Colinpv

    Lazarus found a really awesome new home!!

    So as some of you may or may not of seen, My Sulcata needed to go to a really, really good home. Well i called a rescue and this really nice guy answered, and without hesitation said he would take them. Well when the time came he blew me off and never answered any calls or texts. i was so upset...
  15. N

    Determining Tortoise species

    Hi all, I’ve just adopted these three tortoises from an old man due to him not being able to care for then anymore. I want to give these tortoises the best care they deserve, but I am hoping for your guys help as I’m new to this! I have no idea what breed of tortoise they are or their sex...
  16. Totally_Tortoise

    Baby sulcata tortoise care tips

    Just any useful care tips for baby sulcatas, like soil type and depth, diet, water dish depth and width and just anything useful! I already know baby sulcata care, i just want more advice.
  17. wonderfulwildlife

    How hard for beginner to take care of red foot hatchling?

    I know that tortoise hatchlings are usually advised against for beginners. I was wondering whether they aren’t advised for beginners in GENERAL, or aren’t recommended for beginners because many beginners don’t do sufficient research or are diligent enough in their care? I’m definitely a...
  18. HeGoesBySprout

    Hi everyone! New Horsefield owner looking for a little advice along the way!

    Hi basically to cut the story short I made a tortoise table for my girlfriend for Christmas but the original tortoises I bought turned out to be suffering with herpes and they had it before i purchased them. I had no idea what to look for so I never knew. after taking them to a specialist and...
  19. V

    PLEASE HELP! Abused Turtles/Tortoises at Thai Restaurant?

    Hi all, I'm new to all of this and have been doing extensive research on purchasing an Eastern Hermann's or Ibera Greek tortoise. Tonight, while doing food deliveries, I went to this restaurant where they have 5 turtles in one small enclosure. There is no UVB lamp, no heat lamp - nothing...
  20. David Salas

    Homes tortoise (strange species)

    A little about myself, I'm 61 years old and have had and loved lizards and tortoises since I was in my teens, I have a quince monitor, a Uromastyx , an ackie monitor and my new Homes tortoise. It arrived on Friday and I find this peculiar species very different from the redfoot and desert...