care help

  1. B

    Relatively New to this

    New to taking care of a tortoise and just want to make sure mine is doing ok. It almost looks like there is a small dip towards the back of her shell and from what I have seen online it almost looks like the early stages of pyramiding. I want to make sure I am properly taking care of my Hermann...
  2. A

    Hey guys I need little guy is very sick

    My little guy is very sick Hey guys, so my little sulcata Tortoise is very sick. We took him to the vet and they told me that for being at least 4 months old he's very little and he has a soft shell. They wanted to intern him but we can't afford it cause we don't have that type of money. We...
  3. S

    Adult Leopard tortoise - Am I doing it right?

    Hello everyone! I very recently acquired my first ever tortoise! This is NOT my first reptile, but it is my first tortoise and I want to be absolutely sure I am giving him the best care. I decided to start this thread because: There is much less out there on leopard tortoise care than I had...
  4. lionheartHC

    When will hatchlings start to be more active?

    Hello all, I've had my Sulcata for a few months now and things are going great! He/she's growing at a steady rate and given a diet to thrive. All the parameters are spot on (heat, humidity etc) but it seems like young Duncan will only be active in the morning when he gets fed and after his daily...
  5. R

    What do I need to do to improve my Tort's health?

    I was 8 or 9 years old when I got my Red Foot, now named Shelby (haha original I know). At first, he was housed in a 30 gallon terrarium and was fed on a diet of romaine lettuce and the occasional boiled egg. About 2 years ago, his pyramiding was getting out of control. I decided to take over...
  6. S

    Turtle help

    Hello All, Today my boyfriend rescued a turtle from the woods in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the turtle was trying to cross the street . We noticed that his o her turtle shell was broken in several pieces. We need your help to heal the turtle and provide a good environment so we can reinsert put it...
  7. D

    Help With Shell!!

    What is happening to my Sulcata’s shell and what can I do to help it??
  8. SuperReggie64

    Help. (some general questions)

    Hello I'm a new tortoise owner. I just wanted to ask people what's the normal time to feed and how long should they be asleep? Today my tortoise slept for over 15 hours. His 11 years old we think (his a rescue) and is a horsefield tortoise. I have been giving him food twice a day. And I also...
  9. Stephrachlau91

    New baby Russian tortoise help~

    Hey guys! I’m new to raising my own tortoises. I’ve help friends in the past with their own but now that I have my own hatchling I am worried I am doing something wrong. Can anyone give me tips on how to care for a Russian tortoise baby? I constantly read things that contradict what I’ve read...