1. Rodriguez Chelonians

    The heat has him hot for her.

    Noticed some interesting behavior today with our angulated group. We have been having some really hot days 100-110+ with warm 70-80 degree nights. The male in with this group of females has been on a mission all evening. Chasing, pushing and flipping one on her side. He’s usually very mild...
  2. H

    What age is too old for a Mediterranean spur thigh to breed (male)

    Hi! I own a 58 year old Mediterranean spur thighed tortoise. I was wondering about what age would be the limit for one of these tortoises to breed/if there is a limit as I can’t find this information anywhere online. I would appreciate if someone could help me out with this as if he is an...
  3. R

    Gender of my Horsefield tortoise

    I have had my beautiful Horsefield tortoise for 5 years now. He/she is around 5-6 years old. Recently my tortoise (named Sheldon) has started to mount items and make squeaking noises, I’m guessing these are mating habits. We have been told that Sheldon is male (of course you can’t tell at a...
  4. T

    Male radiated tortoise

    Hi, Has anyone experienced your male tortoise trying to breed your female tortoise but his thing doesn't come out. I see him all the time trying to but nothing. I took him to the vet about 6 months ago and he did an xray and felt inside and said everything is normal. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. gregcalverley0327

    Russian tortoise weight

    I’m just curious if anyone knows about how much weight a tortoise looses during egg laying? I’ve noticed a lot of breeding with my tortoises and was hoping to be able to weigh the female once or twice a week or so and be able to tell when she laid her eggs instead of digging each day to look, or...
  6. 2turtletom

    Western Hingeback Courtship and Mating Attempt

    I've never had much luck with getting my female hingebacks to mate with males once I've moved them inside. Yesterday, I attempted this again, and I documented the event with video. I'd be curious to learn how others are pairing their hingebacks. I keep my Kinixys nogueyi separate throughout...
  7. lionheartHC

    Wanted: Adult Russian tortoise female (happy to pay for shipping)

    Hello all, I've been doing some extensive work with building my outdoor Russian Tortoise enclosure for next year. This will be my first time keeping a breeding colony and I can't wait to start this endeavor. It's about 35ftx30ft! I've put many hours into building the perfect layout that will...
  8. lionheartHC

    Advice on Russian tortoise breeding

    Hello all! I've always had a huge interest regarding breeding torts. I recently purchased my first house that fortunately has all the land I'll need for at least a 30ftx30ft enclosure. As of now, I have a room indoors dedicated to my 3 girls that live happily (no aggression). I know a 1:3 ratio...
  9. KhairulTort

    Egyptian Sulcata Farm and International Export (Graphic Pics)

    I've done some digging since recently getting my first Sulcata in Malaysia. (Check out my first post) I'm honestly shocked by some of the pictures I've found. I discovered that the most likely source for the sulcatas and many leopards being sold in South East Asia are exported from Egypt or...
  10. Russian Rehab

    Female Musk Digging Tunnels to lay eggs.

    Hello all., bellow i describe the nesting behavior i have seen from my female common musk this breeding season. I want to know if anyone else has noted similar behavior in their nesting turtles? I am particularly interested in why you think she might be doing this also. she is doing it...
  11. Russian Rehab

    Can lots of nutritious food increase clutch size?

    Hello, I have a FERTILE Musk Turtle who has laid 4 clutches so far (about half way through the season ) and 20 eggs in total. my research indicates both her frequency of laying and her clutch size are above average for musk. The breed is super small even as adults. She has also been...
  12. Huckleberry

    What's considered a good hatch rate?

    This breeding season I collected a total of 28 eggs from my 4 female Indotestudo Elongata. Here's my hatch rate thus far: Healthy hatchlings: 10 Slugs: 3 Perfectly formed stillborns: 11 Still incubating: 4 I'm really pleased with the 10 healthy hatchlings, but pretty sad about the 11 that...
  13. Lrodmyre

    Breeding Questions For Indian Stars

    Hi All, I have a few questions about Indian Stars and breeding. I acquired 2 Indian stars last August. One female and one male. The female's birth date is 11/26/17. Her name is Star. Then my male's birth date is 3/4/17. Name is Indy. I have noticed "activity" from him with her that I am...
  14. T

    Odd behavior. Egg bound?

    My 5 year old female star has been acting a bit odd lately. First I saw her sniffing the ground in area I had already identified as a viable nesting site. I quickly removed the male assuming the female was about to lay. It’s been over a week now. She’s no longer sniffing but acting rather lazy...
  15. adptorts

    Adult Sulcatas - Breeding and Producing

    We have three pairs of large adult breeding sulcata tortoises available. They are very successful breeders with high fertility and hatch rates. All healthy and heavy. We are asking $900 a pair or $2500 for all three pairs. May be interested in trades as well. If interested and would like to...
  16. Littlelady56

    3-toed box turtle and eggs

    My two 20-yr-old box turtles are still quite amorous with each other. Is it too late in the season to get viable eggs? How long after mating does it take for the female to lay eggs - one way or the other? Probably silly questions but a friend gave me her turtles just this past March; so I...
  17. Noodles1210

    egg bound leo?

    my female leopard tortoise is showing signs of nesting. her indoor substarte isnt deep enough right now, and we are currently upgrading. i take her out everyday but she hasnt tried to dig outside. she has laid eggs before, all infertile because she is only 2 years old. but normally she passes...
  18. Shadowhunter

    Looking for Adult female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns tortoise

    I live in south Florida and have an adult male Sulcata and am looking to breed I also have a 20*10 foot enclosure that I want to breed smaller species in I am looking for a large female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns (I will settle for a pair of Redfoots) I am willing to pay
  19. G

    Breeding a horsefield tortoise

    I'm hoping to breed my young horsefield tortoise once he/she has reached maturity. I was just wondering if anybody could give me some useful tips or advise/facts about breeding the type of breed then please let me know ! It would help if I do decide to breed my horsefield tortoise ;)
  20. C

    Pancake Tortoises

    I am looking for a pair of pancake tortoises. The pair does not have to a proven breeding pair, but a male and female. I am a Environmental Science student at The University of Texas at San Antonio, and I am concentrating in Conservation. Breeding Pancake Tortoises interest me as they are...