bell's hingeback

  1. D

    Novice requires urgent help

    Hi All we have in the last 24hours unexpectedly inherited this beautiful girl. She hasn’t had the best living conditions so we want to make that right for her future so would therefore appreciate any help/advice from those who know rather than the conflicting advice I seem to be getting from...
  2. 2turtletom

    Hingeback Tortoise YouTube Central

    Hello TFO! Over the past two months, I've been working on a Hingeback Tortoise channel on YouTube. My kiddoes are literally giving me tips on how to make the videos fun while being informative at the same time. In the latest video, I detail some of the foods I buy for my Hingeback Tortoises.
  3. 2turtletom

    Western Bell's - Kinixys Nogueyi - How many in the U.S.? I need your help!

    I've been keeping western hingeback's (Kinixys nogueyi) for over 21 years. As many of you know, they haven't been allowed to be imported to the USA since 2000 after they were found to carry a tick that could transmit heartwater disease to cattle. Now, they are extremely rare in the U.S., and...
  4. 2turtletom

    West Africa Hingeback Species in the Wild- Scientific Articles

    Hello! I have kept two western hingebacks, Kinixys nogueyi, for 20 years, and before that I unsuccessfully kept Home's hingebacks. I'm a scientist by training, so when doing research, I access the scientific literature that is available through databases like Google Scholar. Fortunately...
  5. 2turtletom


    Hello! I'm Tom and I keep two female western hingebacks, Kinixys nogueyi. Are there any other U.S. based keepers of this species here at Tortoise Forum? Would love to connect- I have been in touch with Kelly form Texas and David Mifsud in Michigan, but curious if there are any other Nogueyi...