1. Дружок

    Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding

    Does anyone have experience with the Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding? We now use Lucky Reptile Humus Brick on advise of the store we bought our Russian Tortoise...
  2. Geode890

    Cypress Mulch Alternatives

    Hey everyone. I asked a tangentially related question quite awhile ago, so sorry for the potential double-posting, but would anyone happen to know of any alternatives for cypress mulch in a tortoise enclosure? For the past handful of years, I've been using cypress mulch, but for some reason I've...
  3. T

    Substrate Mixing

    Hello, I have a Herman’s tortoise and recentlybought loose coconut Fiber but it keeps getting into his eyes and such so I added reptile bark, is that okay that I mixed substrates? Thank youuuuu
  4. TurtleyTom

    Best substrate for russian tortoises?

    I'm getting a russian tortoise in the near future and was wondering what the best type of substrate for them is. I've done a lot of research but there seems to be a lot of contrasting opinions. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Medsua973

    Koop clean

    has anyone heard of or used Koop Clean it is chopped hay and straw with sweetpdz. I can’t seem to find any information on the natural additive to see if it is tort safe? I was thinking about switching the bedding and a coworker recommend saying it stays dry and very easy to clean
  6. Magicmoon

    Substrate opinions?

    I have my Russian tortoise in plain soil and it seems to irritate his eyes, so I am thinking about switching to coco coir. Is there any difference between what I can get at a garden store and petco? At petco they have zoo med eco earth coconut fiber substrate, would that be better or...
  7. S

    Need advice! Brand new tortoise owner.

    Hello, My in laws just gave me two baby desert tortoises. They keep theirs in an outdoor area but where I live I’m a little worried that isn’t such a good idea yet due to the amount of predators we have. I had a few questions I was hoping y’all would be kind enough to answer . 1. What is...
  8. TortMom6

    Bedding/Substrate Query

    This may sound ignorant but bear with me a minute here. It is true that being outside is best for tortoises, then it follows to reason that the ground (dirt/grass/outside stuff) is the best bedding/substrate. Right? If the above statement is true then would the best bedding/substrate for an...
  9. Sarahjayne1991


    Hi there, A while ago I posted here for help regarding A baby tortoise I rescued. In that thread I was told his substrate should be damp. I've now has lots of conflicting information saying that damp substrate will cause respiratory infections and I'm terrified! So I just want to check whether...
  10. B

    Worried first time owners (11 month Horsfield)

    Hello guys. I bought my fiancee and I a Horsfield at the start of the year (it was via and we've called him Peewee. When we got him, he came with a tortoise table, a lamp with a combination UVA/UVB bulb, bedding (I think it was aspen) and the food bowls etc. (I've...
  11. Lucky The Tortoise

    What to do about ant infestation?

    So, I accidentally spilled some water in Lucky's bedding, when I saw a huge swarm of ants come running out of the wet substrate. The nest is right where he eats, and I don't want the ants stealing his food or scaring him (he doesn't want to come out of his burrow.) My mom started setting out...
  12. wonderfulwildlife

    Red foot hatchling bedding depth & ventilation

    How deep should the bedding be for a RF hatchling & how deep of an enclosure should I have indoors (so it can’t escape)? I’ve heard they should have 4-5 inches of bedding (I plan on using clean potting soil with red mulch & sphagnum moss). Is any container too deep that it prevents air flow or...