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    Living the good life ...
  2. Digger 17.jpg

    Digger 17.jpg

    Digger is growing
  3. Digger 18.jpg

    Digger 18.jpg

    Digger when I first got him.
  4. E

    Theo got another soak today and was photo ready during his lunch! Got him this week and I’m in love!

    Soaked him for the second time, he loves the water and he loves running around afterwards even more! He’s stuck on romaine and red leaf lettuce but he’s got quite a few dark leafy greens mixed in too! After he ran around he pushed his bedding up in the corner to make a nice little pillow for a...
  5. newboxymama

    Eastern box turtle...hates water?

    Hi everyone! I am new to the box turtle community - I recently adopted a box turtle from someone that I met at work. They *think* that the turtle is about 10 years old but aren't certain. It does not sound like she has received very good care, but seems to be in pretty good shape. Slightly...
  6. TortSpeed

    Bath/Soak Twice in a row??

    Torts drink water when they soak... When they go to the bathroom in the water can I assume they drank first?? Or should I change it as soon as he goes then let him soak?