baby tortoise

  1. Y

    Thought you guys could appreciate turbos update too!!

    Let me know any signs of concern, tips or just all around love for the Lil guy!
  2. A

    4 months still wet nose 😥

    He is spike Less than 1 year Old baby Indian star tortoise, he has wet nose since 4 months now. His nose was completely blocked by mucus at the start of this sickness, then I decided to increase the enclosure temperature at 95 to 100°f..... Now his nose is not blocked by mucus but watery...
  3. A

    Govee Thermometer/Hygrometer Accuracy

    Hey guys I have the Govee Bluetooth Thermo Hygrometer. I’m wondering whether it’s really accurate? Been checking it lately and the temps are too high and the humidity is really low even after I’ve misted the place like crazy because i got paranoid thinking my tortoise would dehydrate . If it’s...
  4. F

    8 month old Aldabra

    So I’m a little concerned my Aldabra isn’t gaining as much weight as he should. I got him about a month ago and then weighed him 2 weeks later and in that time he’s only gained about .5 ounces in those 2 weeks and he’s just shy of 5 inches. Can I wake him in the middle of the night and have him...
  5. Y

    How do I know if it was too late! Please help

    I recently purchased my baby Leopard Tortoise from a dry breeder who also did not know his age. (I will never make the same mistake again) I now have no idea the age of my lil guy or if he already has signs of pyramiding. I also have a scale coming in the mail so I can start tracking his weight...
  6. shellfreak

    Tortstork - How we raise Indian star babies

    I get a lot of questions about how i raise my Indian stars from day one. I’ll explain in bullet form. If anyone wants to reach out to me, please do so at [email protected] -place on damp paper towel donut at first sight of pip -I remove them from the incubator after a few milestones. 1...
  7. H


    Emergency! Born June 24th, 2020 this little girl Honu was always a sweet, active, happy baby tort. Out of the litter some liked to charge but this girl was always very sweet. Hence why I think she's a girl. Here's a ton of pictures to help describe her issue she's going through. Im fairly...
  8. T

    Baby Hermanns tortoise

    Hello! I am new to tortoise keeping and am hearing a quiet popping sound from my tortoise. I bought a baby hermanns from a reptile expo about 3 months ago. And I was so excited I forgot to ask what his/her hatching date is. Im not sure on the gender yet but have been calling him a boy. I’m...
  9. Katamari.Sweetheart

    New Cal. Desert Tortoise Guardian

    Hello, I’ve just rescued a baby desert tortoise (gopherus agassizii), gifted from an accidental captive clutch. I’m applying for a permit. I’m new to tortoise keeping and want to make sure I’m doing the best I can for my little guy. I noticed that he has a lot of debris and crust around his...
  10. BHiLL

    Tortilla Update!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and share some new pics of Tortilla. He (maybe?) is almost 9 months old now and we've had a great time taking care of him and spending time with him everyday.
  11. TortoiseLover <3 <3

    What is my tortoises' gender?

    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what gender my less-than-a-year-old tortoise is. It's name is Poseidon and I have pictures of it from all angles. It would be really nice if you could tell me. Thanks.
  12. TortoiseLover <3 <3

    I am new :D

    Hi! I am new and I have a baby marginated tortoise. Name : Poseidon Age : A little less than a year old Gender : Unknown . I am attaching a few adorable pictures of him to this introduction.
  13. TortoiseGirl (Ava)

    My baby Hermann tortoise is inactive! Might be a respiratory infection, please help! (Vet isn't an option)

    Hi! I got Petra a few months ago, near the end of summer. She was an active tort and she loved to eat. After I got her another newborn friend ( same species ) Levi, she started being a bit inactive. Then suddenly she stopped coming out, she ate though. I realize now, the temperature was too...
  14. ashleymiller28

    Baby sulcata lethargic and barely eating

    Hello, I am extremely worried while typing this. The past few days my 9month old sulcata tortoise has been extremely lethargic when she is usually very active and eating twice a day. I have only been able to get her to take a few bites of pure pumpkin but nothing more each day. Basking temps are...
  15. N

    Why is my baby tortoise eating moss?

    My baby tortoise has food in its enclosure, but for some reason it isn't even touching its food, it goes straight for the moss... I didn't like this since I don't think moss is good for tortoises, so I put it inside a different enclosure for a while where the moss has been replaced with...
  16. shellfreak

    Sri Lankan Star Tortoises

    $705 shipped I only have a few left. captive bred raised in closed chamber eating it all soaked daily [email protected] or text 215.840.5240
  17. HermanniChris


    What happens when tortoises and turtles hatch? When should they be removed from the incubator? How should they be set up? In this full episode, a lot of information is covered on the subject of reproducing these amazing animals. Learn about how to handle newly hatched babies and how to begin...
  18. R

    Face peeling/drying up

    The face of my baby tortoises look like they’re drying up and peeling. Is this normal? It started around the mouth and is going up.
  19. N

    Signs of pyramiding?

    Breaking my own heart here because this raising came out of nowhere from day to night. He's always had a silly scute (3rd one down from top/bottom). I'm not a fan of this and am literally going to force him to stay moist. Lol he's so spoiled and prefers dry/heat. We live in Florida. He's always...
  20. R

    First timer help please

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this I know it’s a lot! I will attach photos, please let me know what I can do to improve the quality of life for our newest family member. Any suggestions/advice is welcome :) My family and I recently adopted a baby red foot after building...