1. tamzsturg

    medications made my tortoise ill?

    Hi everyone, so my tortoise’s appetite decreased over the last few weeks to the point where now, he doesn’t want to eat at all. We persevere, and usually manage to get him to eat a couple of his wet pellets, a small bit of broccoli, or a tiny bit of lettuce/kale, and then he gives up and...
  2. T

    Russian Tortoise Respiratory Infection

    I’ve had my adult Russian Tortoise for almost two weeks from Arizona Tortoise Compound and he was very sick when he arrived (I emailed them and that’s another story). Snotty nose, sleeping all day, mucus, sneezing, etc. He eats normal (a lot actually), poops and urinates normal, but drinks his...
  3. Richard Harrison-Cripps

    Hermanni with major carapace trauma / egg retention problems

    Hi. I'd be very grateful for some advice from folks here with veterinary knowledge. I'm a ecologist, working on Testudo hermanni populations in Montenegro for around 14 years, and have more and more found myself getting involved in rehabilitations. Our latest case is a mature female brought to...
  4. M

    New box turtle - sores around mouth help

    Hi everyone I rescued a Chinese box turtle on Monday. She has been kept in **** poor conditions (no heat/UVB lamp, improper diet, extremely dry and dusty bedding) for many years. I knew shed be dehydrated but I was surprised to see she was worse off than I expected (pics when i first picked...