aldabra hatchling

  1. F

    8 month old Aldabra

    So I’m a little concerned my Aldabra isn’t gaining as much weight as he should. I got him about a month ago and then weighed him 2 weeks later and in that time he’s only gained about .5 ounces in those 2 weeks and he’s just shy of 5 inches. Can I wake him in the middle of the night and have him...
  2. TortyDxb

    Dubai ( Uae) versus Florida - both good Aldabra climates?

    I'm fussing about with heat lamps at night, a warm/wet night-time enclosure and worrying about humidity- all to stop the dreaded pyramiding.... I will feel like a failure... But another keeper in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has said that his hatchling Aldabras are fine outside and not to...
  3. TortyDxb

    Newbie, with two Aldabras - quick intro

    Ok, So I will definitely get around to photos and the like, but for now I just wanted to make an inroad with y'all and the forum. I've got two very juvenile Aldabras recently turned up on doorstep so to speak. They are definitely imports and are around 3.9inches long (underside/SCL) and...