age estimate

  1. M

    Whats my tortoises age and sex?

  2. JoeyWatson

    Rough tortoise age?

    Hello, I’ve had my RF for about 18 months now after a family didn’t want him anymore and didn’t know how to care for him. (Hence the pyramiding in the photo) they told me that he/she was about 4 in November 2018. So he would be 5 1/2 now. I’m just curious as to accurate that seems as he...
  3. R


    Hi! Just rescued this Russian tortoise and I can’t seem to identify if it’s a male/female as well as the age?? The place I rescued it from said it was about 2 years old... but the tortoise seems way older and bigger. Any help on the sex and age of this little one?
  4. Kylie Linnea

    Confirming approximate age of my Russian?

    Hey all! I know you can't accurately age Russian tortoises until they've died, but I thought I'd try to age Flash Gordon. I've had him for 4 years (since June 2015). He's most definitely wild-caught (as I bought him from Petco, which I know is not ideal, but I didn't know that until after) and...
  5. Neris

    Advise on RF enclosure

    Hello! We got a RF last year on November, and I have a few questions about our current enclosure and the tortoise itself. First, we have a mix of repti-bark (I believe this is the name) and peat moss. I would like to know how often should I replace the whole thing for new one and if the mix...
  6. Robrocphilly

    How old is my redfooted tort sallann??

    Hello everybody how are you I have had Sallyann for over three years now when I got her it was given to me because Sally and sister Charlotte had died. With that being said it was not being taken care of properly and was kept in a basement and had one heat lamp over it now I know for a fact that...
  7. ReikiMasterKate

    First Time African Sulcata Parents

    Hello from Scottsdale, AZ. My husband & I just adopted Turbo from our Phoenix Herpetological Society on 03/07/18. We chose a fully grown sulcata as we live on an acre and have a large yard for him to freely roam. The Herp Curator would not provide a guess/estimate w/regard to age. We would love...