advice wanted

  1. TenTonTurtle

    Hello from Ohio! New Tort-father.

    Hello friends, I'm Steve and I recently adopted a male Russian tortoise. His name is Gregori (He is my display picture). I have two aquatic turtles but this is my first Tortoise ever. Just looking to make friends, chat about tortoises, turtles, and much more. I am also looking to discuss indoor...
  2. Akihimeko


    Hello I'm Aki and this is my new pet tortoise I haven't name em yet as it's still a hatchling and I can't tell it's gender. Please feel free to give any advice on care or what I can do better to help my pet grow up well. (Currently I am look for a home so I can get them one of those wood...
  3. liwei

    Advice on lost tortoise

    Hi, it's been a while since I've posted on this forum but recently my 4-year-old leopard tortoise escaped from his outdoor enclosure. He was last seen by a neighbor in their yard yesterday afternoon when he initially escaped but I have not been able to locate him since that appearance. My...
  4. J

    Russian Tortoise Enclosure Advice

    I'm very seriously considering a Russian Tortoise as a new addition to my family. Right now I have a 55 gallon aquarium that I'm a bit lost on how to best set up for my unaquired new friend. Due to the climate that I live in I'll be able to set up a small outdoor "playpen" but the large and main...
  5. AmzBond

    Hello from Chesterfield - UK

    Hey all, I hope you are all staying safe. I’m looking into getting my step son a tortoise, ideally a hatchling. I had a tortoise previously but sadly had to re-home during my divorce. I’m rusty now, so any advice would be more than welcome. ideally best place to purchase table, accessories...
  6. L

    Enclosure advice

    Hello everyone! Thanks for all the feed back from my last post. After finding out I was doing a lot of things wrong I spent all day yesterday researching, watching YouTube videos, and reading threads on this forum. I now know I definitely need to upgrade Edison’s enclosure and soon. My dad...
  7. khepur

    Proper UVB for Hatchling Tortoises?

    Hello! I'm Khepur, and I am very much a newbie with owning tortoises, and the ones I'm caring for aren't technically 'mine' but I've fallen in love and desperately want to give proper care. They are three Arizona Desert Tortoises (probably Gopherus agassizii) and are around two months old. I've...
  8. TamaraandMerl

    URGENT, need help. Please help and give advice

    Hi everyone. Happy New Year. 3 weeks ago, me and my family rescued a sulcata from a family who mistreated her. What we know is that they fed her once a week, rice among other things. Bathed her once every two weeks and she lived outside in a sand pit. The day after we rescued her, I noticed...
  9. T

    Enclosure opinions and tips

    This is my enclosure for my 3 year old Russian tort. He has two 40w heat bulbs and a small heat mat that is behind glass in his in-built hide. The enclosure is about 3ftx4ft. He also has his UV strip light. I’ve tried to have lots of plants, most fake but one real at the back. He eats on a slate...
  10. L

    New tort owner with a lil Hermann's Tortoise and questions

    I was just wondering how my lil dude is doing. I got him in september and the owner told me that he was around 4 months old then. He's probably around 7 months now but is still pretty small; yet this little guy seems to have a black pit for a stomach and eats like a beast. I noticed that the...
  11. M

    Baby Sulcata Question

    Hello, I recently purchased a sulcata tortoise in stage one and still has a beak tooth. I have an overall uvb light to go over the whole tank and 50w mini halogen and uvb combo heat lamp over the basking rock. It has a hideaway and explores the tank every day. I have only had it for 4 days and...
  12. S

    Closed eye

    Hello everyone! I am not so sure what’s going on I noticed my tortoise has one eye more closed than the other at times. It’s not always sometimes they’re both wide open. I don’t know if that’s normal so I was hoping to get some advice or help. Thank you!
  13. Winston's mom

    Help! I bought my tortoise a new tortoise table and he's not happy!

    Hi all, I adopted my 4 year old Russian tortoise from a couple last week, who had him in a small vivarium/ tank that was about 2 feet x 1 foot with beech wood chips as a substrate. We've bought him a tortoise table from Reptile Centre which is 90 x 45 x 21.5 cm (roughly 3 foot x 2 foot). I...
  14. C

    Personality between tortoise breeds

    Hi everyone! I’m trying to soak up as much information as I can before taking the plunge to my new lifelong (hopefully!) friend. One area I’m having trouble finding info on is the personality comparisons between the small to medium sized tortoise breeds! I understand each tortoise is different...
  15. Feral

    Help! Lost Leopard Tortoise

    My leopard tortoise Moses disappeared from my fenced in yard last Friday (a branch knocked out a part of it and I didn't realize til too late). He's about 12" long, so not exactly hard to spot! I've searched the neighborhood, but unfortunately, my property backs up into 51 acres of woods and...
  16. Ruszian Tortoise

    Is this Thistle? OK for my Russian tort?

  17. fallingmiles

    Greek? Russian? or??? And many other questions

    Hello, a tortoise was found in the parking lot of my wife work. Looks like she's had it a bit rough. She has damage to her shell, some missing toenails, but beyond that, she is very active and seems to be in good health. We believe she has been out in the wilds for a while now. Here are my...
  18. jsharpminer

    2 1/2 year old Leopard Tortoise pyramiding

    Hello all! I have a 2 1/2 year old Leopard Tortoise that has some pyramiding, and I have been going out of my mind trying to figure out how to prevent it. I got her at one year old (with some pyramiding already), and followed all the guides on this forum about closed chambers, diet, daily...
  19. S

    Hey Everyone! -and some advice please!

    Hello everyone! I am new to tortoise forum, but I hear it is a great platform to use when you have a tortoise. I recently haven't had much spare time to get involved, but thankfully this afternoon I have a good amount of free time! :) I have a 5 (almost 6) month old tortoise named Squeakers. At...
  20. agnes&theo

    Diarrhea in 4YO Burmese Star

    Hi everyone. My four year old, male Burmese Star tortoise has had diarrhea that I found in their enclosure. We cleaned him up and he drank some water in the bath for dehydration and was awake, alert, and wanted to run around and eat. His tail was all matted in poop though. There was no...