1. H

    Looking to give a Sulcata or any other tortoise a home.

    Heaven’s Jubilee Farm Joined: Sep 6, 2018 Messages: 27 Likes Received: 6 Trophy Points: 3 Location (City and/or State): Starkville,MS We have an enclosure ready that is abt 1/4 acre. We also have a heated house ready if big enough to over winter outside. We have a large male Sudanese Sulcata...
  2. Ashlyn Eastus

    Devastated friend

    My good friend who retired a year ago from 35 years of being an English teacher, lost her beloved 6 year old Sulcata to a rare disease. She has a ranch with an enclosure that would put any one else’s to shame! She spent lots of time with him and truly cares about the animals she surrounds...
  3. avfarrar

    Need To Rehome My Russian Tortoise (TX) FREE

    Hi everyone. I would like to adopt out my male Russian tortoise, Urkel. He was given to us several years ago by someone in the family. In the last few months I've realized, as I have been researching to better his care, and weighing that with my commitments, that I can no longer take care of him...
  4. zimone94

    Looking for a juvi or adult tortoise that needs a home.

    Hi! I am looking for a tortoise that needs a home. As cute as I think hatchlings are I really want to give a home to a tort that needs it. I am in southern/central Florida on the Treasure Coast. I do have a nice sized back yard, and I have areas that can be blocked off for smaller torts.
  5. I

    Experienced tortoise owner looking to adopt - Albuquerque NM

    Hello everyone! I am an experienced tortoise enthusiast, having kept Greek tortoises (Testudo graeca) since age 10 (about 30 years ago) as well as sulcatas, redfoot tortoises, and a variety of box turtles. I unfortunately had to rehome several tortoises as I just did not feel the climate where...
  6. Arielle.shull

    Looking to adopt tortoises near Greenville, SC.

    Hey y'all. Looking for tortoises to adopt. Must be friendly. I have a huge fenced in back yard and heated homes for the summer months, and I have a tortoise room for the cooler months. These tortoises will be spoiled!!! I'm looking more for leopards or smaller, but looking to adopt many.
  7. T

    Hello, teacher with tortoise

    hello! I teach middle and high school science in a tiny, rural school in northern Wisconsin. We have just 250 students in 4K-12. We have an adult Russian Tortoise, plus some other critters that all of the kids love to observe and care for. We are interested in adopting another tortoise, so if...
  8. mvickers

    Looking to re-home a 14 year old male sulcata, SoCal

    Hello, I have a 14 year old male Sulcata. My circumstances have changed, and after 14 years of taking care of him, I can no longer do so. Please respond if you have any interest or know of anyone who would like to care for him.
  9. dominick858

    Russian tortoise seeking a new home - NY/NJ

    I have some very sad news: Dudley, my Russian, who I've had for the past 3 years, really needs a better home. We recently moved to a new apartment, and I have much less space here. I have tried a variety of enclosures, but none of them seem big enough for the little guy (who has gotten stronger...
  10. jas17

    Wanted female Sulcata's and male Aldabra, Manila, Philippines

    Hello to everyone. I've been a tortoise caretaker for the last 12 years. I have 2 male Sulcata's and a female Aldabra. They are all around 15 or so years old and are housed in a large enclosure in our farm in the Philippines, outside Manila. They will be living heirlooms for our children. We...
  11. jas17

    Male Aldabra wanted

    Hi, I am looking to adopt or purchase a male Aldabra for my female Aldabra. She is 15 yrs of age and is housed in a large enclosure in our farm. I live in the Philippines (Manila) and was wondering if there are any out there. A sub-adult would be just fine. I am also looking for Female...
  12. jas17

    Looking to adopt female Sulcata's

    Hello, I am looking for adult or sub-adult female Sulcata's to adopt for my 2 males. They are both around 15 years old and are housed in a large enclosure in our farm. Is there anyone in the Philippines (Manila) who have female Sulcata's? I've asked around but most offer 6 month or younger...
  13. Shadowhunter

    Looking for Adult female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns tortoise

    I live in south Florida and have an adult male Sulcata and am looking to breed I also have a 20*10 foot enclosure that I want to breed smaller species in I am looking for a large female Sulcata or a pair of Hermanns (I will settle for a pair of Redfoots) I am willing to pay
  14. Dfwgolden

    Rehoming 3 Adult Box Turtles

    i am needing to rehome 3 adult three toed box turtles. They have been captive their entire lives ages range from 13 to 33. Two of them were rescues and came to me with severe MBD. They required beak reshaping procedures and still require regular filing and toenail trims. Two males and a...
  15. Laura111

    I am interested in a Sulcata tortoise

    I live in Whittier, California and looking to adopt a juvenile or young adult Sulcata tortoise. Anyone in Orange County, preferably Northern part of O.C. or Los Angeles County with a Sulcata?
  16. M

    Sulcatta to good home

    I have owned this Sulcatta tortoise for about 7 years now. She was a suprise gift and unfortunately I can't take care of her anymore due to lack of time and space. I live in Kansas, about 30 minutes from Kansas City. She has some slight pyramiding and her front two scutes are fused, they have...
  17. madbad

    Sulcata Hatchling for Adoption

    95.7 grams today and now up for adoption! If anyone is interested in adopting this awesome little guy let me know either by post or PM (x-posting in adoptions) I'm not looking for any sort of re-homing fee but if I have to ship, I will need you to pay. Please expect tons of rude questions and...
  18. Lil Haus

    Mongo, Adult Male Sulcata, needs a new home- South OC, Ca

    He's about 20-25 yrs old, weighs probably about 100+ lbs. Big Boy!! Healthy, but needs groceries. Rescued and was eating nothing but lettuce. I've had him about a year+. Downsizing the farm... I have mini horses, goats, pig and a llama that won't stop eating all of his food and no way to keep...