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    New Red foot owner. Any help appreciated!

    A CHE Ceramic heat emitter on a thermostat

    New Red foot owner. Any help appreciated!

    An IR is great for keeping fries hot. But is absolutely overkill for a Redfoot tortoise. It will be super desicating to the shell and will become a death ray if the poor tortoise manages to flip upside down in it's vicinity. It will also zap humidity from the entire enclosure. If it's all you...

    Kenan Red Foots!

    I'm very happy that you are so willing to listen to the good advise you've been given here. Much of Keenans success comes down to dumb luck: This south Florida climate. And I'm more than a little horrified that he takes in Rescue tortoises. Then crams them all together into forced mating...And...

    Temp/humidity digital gauge home depot

    I also use the combination Home Depot (Accu-rite) temperature and humidity gauges. They are inexpensive and very long lasting. But the type that has the probes is probably more accurate.

    New Red foot owner. Any help appreciated!

    Redfoot often don't require a basking light. Both because they don't bask much and because they are very sensitive to harsh lights. One central CHE or two smaller ones toward each end of a longer Closed Chamber work great on a thermostat for warmth without bright light day and night. And a...

    New baby making noises

    Over 75% 24/7. You would wear out your wrist and a spray gun pretty fast with an open topped enclosure. And still never reach a high enough humidity. The best and easiest way to both get and maintain your high humidity is with the use of a CLOSED CHAMBER type enclosure. They're especially easy...

    Advice On LEDs (Ambient Lighting)

    That's a daylight spectrum. And an LED is an excellent way to supply light without heat. I think it would be a fantastic light to use with your T5 UVB. We have a few members that lighting gurus. I'm not one of them. @Markw84

    New baby making noises

    Then I wouldn't be alarmed. They expelled air when they are disturbed. The noise that makes can vary from a hiss to a squeak. And babies spend a great deal of time hiding. Make sure you supply a few hiding places.

    Tortoise rubbing eyes

    No UVB for a while is better than using that one for another moment.

    New baby making noises

    Depends.. Do "they" only make this noise briefly when disturbed. Or all of the time? Just when disturbed is relatively normal. All of the time is not and may be the start of a respiratory infection. What type of enclosure do you have and what is the temperature?

    What is the appeal towards cat food??

    Tortoises are opportunistic feeders. It's not uncommon for them to eat/want to eat many things that are not necessarily good for them. Even harmful. It's one good example of why we do not recommend letting a tortoise roam around inside a house. There are stories here on the forum of them eating...

    It's KatApril's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday

    Need Help Identifying!

    Yep Common brown Anole. Probably our most common indigenous lizard. He won't be around long after the temperature gets below 50. And they are 100% harmless unless you're a cricket

    Help can’t get rid of shell fungus!

    I also see no shell fungus. Keep in mind that shell fungus is easy to stop. But the damaged area will not look much better for a while. And also, shell fungus and shell rot are two different issues, treated two very different ways. You have neither.

    THIS is why I put stepping stones inside the pen...

    Amen I've got the same issue. But, luckily, no new babies