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    Facebook giveaway contest!

    We have started doing periodic giveaway contests on our facebook page to anyone that has purchased a tortoise in the past from us. The last contest only ended up with 21 entries, I think, and the winner got a box full of tortoise stuff probably worth almost $100, shipped free. We are trying to...
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    Exploding Eggs (Hermann’s)

    We do about 60% water weight ratio to dry vermiculite (600g water to 1000g vermiculite, for example). A lot of our hermanns hatch out of the ground, however, and aren't in a controlled incubation by us. They should hatch around 65 days (temps in the 85-89 range), but after about 80-90 days, bad...
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    Raven Warning

    It's a property I bought in 2010 when the market crashed, I got it for nothing. It's about 5 miles from my house in a straight line. The neighbors up there are very aware of things in my area, and once a month will call me and tell me there's a truck lingering around out there, and they'll go...
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    Raven Warning

    I don't think they'd fall for scarecrows, they will land nearby if I'm there moving around, I don't think they'd care if there was a scarecrow. I just won't leave smaller tortoises exposed like that, after rodents in 2017, coyotes in 2018 and now this, I'd be embarrassed to admit how many...
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    Raven Warning

    Saw a thread earlier about birds being a problem or not, but figured I'd post this as a new thread rather than a reply to that (which was a few weeks old) so it was a little more visible. Probably a month ago, I bought a few Southern Ibera Greeks from a breeder we all know in the Northeast. I...
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    How early can you see pyramiding?

    Clarification here, this tortoise was from early 2018.... I don't remember giving you a hatch date, but on the website it says they hatched in early 2018. Maybe you thought it said early 2019? It's a year old or more now.
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    Are these weeds edible for my baby sulcata tort?

    For sure, we feed it to everything here.
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    Are these weeds edible for my baby sulcata tort?

    Number 7 we always called "thorn lettuce," it's a favorite around here. I've heard it called "prickly lettuce" or "bitter lettuce" also. We use a lot of it, it's all over my sideyard.
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    Big Shipping Cost Reduction!

    Our shipping options on the website in the past week has been a little chaotic, offering sometimes 12 different shipping options while we were doing some work in the background. For those of you that maneuvered through that in the last couple of days, I apologize, there was a purpose, and it's...
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    Tortoise supply A+

    Thanks for the review and the purchase!
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    Are these safe to feed?

    If you specifically want bermuda seeds, buying a bag of bermuda seeds from WalMart is okay. There's not really "special" bermuda seeds. When we sold bermuda, it was simple bermuda seed, very cheap and easy to get. Bermuda is great when it's grown in a field and harvested for cows and horses...
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    Are these safe to feed?

    It's explained above in my last post.
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    Are these safe to feed?

    We stopped carrying or selling bermudagrass because it is extremely invasive and people don't realize that when planting it in their backyard. We have it taking over our backyard and while the tortoises love it, it's a pain to get rid of where you don't want it. There are many other grasses that...
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    Moral/Ethical Business Dilemma

    The problem with "the customer is always right" is that we are dealing with live animals, and there's a million things that can throw off a new baby. Many many (many) people will not tell you that their dog carried it outside or that they left it in a hot car or that their 2 year old took it in...
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    Researching Sand

    I had a minute and thought I would reply.... We have used sand and partial sand (mixes) more and more, and have not seen any problems from it. There's a few key things to consider, though.... Sand in a natural habitat isn't really being eaten direct off of. The plants that they normally eat are...