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    How to trim nails properly?

    Thank you !! I will get a concrete yard paver for a feeding platform, that's an excellent idea, and try using a firm emery board. And, next time, I will post a picture to check with you incredible knowledgeable people, to check if, in fact, his nails require trimming. Thank you Again!
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    How to trim nails properly?

    Help! I was trying to trim my box turtle's hind nail, with nail clippers, I thought I was being very careful, and cut past the "black portion" ie. only the nail portion, but Toby was bleeding, after, there was blood flow to that portion as well? Is there a relevant video, or instructions, on...
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    Peat moss is an excellent substrate. My turtle won't eat worms that fall into his soil/moss substrate (I have to wash them off and feed them with "long pliers) He also has pink slippers that he plays with, every day, for about an hour. Ok, now I'm starting to think that my turtle really is...
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    Hi, I have a box turtle, Toby, ,for about 8 years now. So, Toby has a big terrarium, he has "warm" light and "light" lights ((others can give you the technical specs, I'm just giving you a super quick run-down), he has a big pool (shallow, because he can't swim) for accessible, clean water at...
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    What DOES your tortoise do all day?!

    The activity of Toby, my three toed box turtle, really varies. Sometimes, he just walks around the house once, and then falls asleep under his favourite chair for most of the day. Other times, he follows me around, or plays with my slippers (I kid you not). When it's warm and sunny out, I...
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    Advice Please! Surgery or Not!?

    Thanks Colleen, I appreciate your reply. I'm really undecided now, but your comments makes me feel better about the Anesth- I will continue to think on it and watch the little guy -
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    Advice Please! Surgery or Not!?

    Thank you- I appreciate your reply. I will continue to watch him closely and make a decision closer to the surgery date- I've only ever had Toby but my goodness, he is a tough little guy.
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    Advice Please! Surgery or Not!?

    So, I have an approximate 18-year old male 3-toed box turtle, About 5 days ago, he had a freak accident, and he seriously injured the two outside toes on his right front "paw"; I took him to the vet, and she did an X-ray and the outside toe-bone is fractured off (it's at a very bad angle, but...
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    Tortoise is not eating anything.

    Hi, I am not an expert, but I do have an adult box turtle I've had for about 10 years, and over the years I've learned a lot .. SO... here is some advice that might help your poor little guy.. FIRST, please do look on youtube at enclosures, I have Toby in a glass terrarium (and yes, some people...
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    So... Toby (box turtle) isn't pooping

    Hey ! Toby loves cucumber, I will buy some today, and I will soak him in a higher sided bowl, maybe I can buy some pure aloe (I no longer have my aloe plant :( Thank you, I really appreciate your advice.
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    So... Toby (box turtle) isn't pooping

    So, my 16-year old box turtle isn't pooping, I am soaking him (but he's stubborn, I put him in a warm bath, as soon as I let him go, he just leaves his little pool); at the advice of a vet from years ago, I put a bit of castor oil on his food, but that didn't work either- he is his usual very...
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    Read ASAP ! Box turtle isn’t cared for

    so sad. I think before they release it, you should take Bob from them, and monitor him for his heath, etc. I just feel like before you release him, he should get some of his strength back, I feel so sorry for the little guy- I agree with TechnoCheese, I guess- I can't believe they left him in...
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    Hi from Alberta, Canada!

    Hi from Alberta, Canada! I have a three-toed box turtle, Toby, I've had him for about 8 years, (right now, he is hanging out with me in my home office, keeping me company while I work) Really happy to find this forum, and get advice/information/share tort talk with other turtle owners from...
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    Best substrate for box turtles

    That's a really good idea, thank you. And I did find coco coir, and peat moss- Duh!
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    Calcium powder, what kind is best?

    Is there any particular cuttlebone brand that's preferred by your box turtles (I realize how silly that sounds, but I offered my box turtle cuttlebone and he looked at me like "What am I supposed to do with this?" and then promptly ignored it.