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  1. Tanner Fry

    Would someone please post pictures of their indoor set-up for their Russian tortoise?

    Here is a picture if one that I made myself. It has changed a tad bit since this image.
  2. Tanner Fry

    How much are vet costs for tortoises?

    It's about $70 for my russian tortoise to get a beak and nail trimming.
  3. Tanner Fry

    Planning ahead with caution.

    As I figured. I wanted to make sure before I ever did anything and the last thing I want is to start a WWE match between my tortoises!
  4. Tanner Fry

    Planning ahead with caution.

    For a while now I have been slowly upgrading my Russians enclosure (indoor) and I have maxed out the space in my apartment. Its relatively common knowledge that you should never have one female and one Male in the same enclosure no matter the size however I haven't read about the results of...
  5. Tanner Fry

    Indoor Enclosure Ideas Anyone?

    I personally use my apartment to see what I can and cant do. I would recommend building one from scratch. This will allow you to personalize the size and shape to where you want it. It costs 300 dollars to build the one that I built.
  6. Tanner Fry

    What is it?

    It looks like it! Those things are so hard to catch! I have quite a few blue tails at my house but I have never been able to catch one!
  7. Tanner Fry

    Do tortoises get lonely?

    Thank you! I'm now well versed in tortoise habits or behaviours but some of the enclosures that I had viewed had multiple per tortoise table but I thought it best to consult those who had more experience first before doing anything drastic such as getting another!
  8. Tanner Fry

    Do tortoises get lonely?

    Thanks! Will do.
  9. Tanner Fry

    Do tortoises get lonely?

    Hello! I have one female Russian tortoise now who is in a very large enclosure and seems particularly happy about life. I know that the repticon is coming up soon for my area and didn't know if I should be able to get another one? The first question is are there any benefits to adding another...
  10. Tanner Fry

    Clyde's home is finished!!

    Yeah I agree about the water dish I'm getting a new one soon and thanks!
  11. Tanner Fry

    Clyde's home is finished!!

    After working all day long I was finally able to complete Clyde's new tortoise table! In the white border above the ledge I will grow things for fun (aka for clyde to eat just before I get anything lol) found amazing deals at the Greensboro Repticon like the log hide and all of the coconut mulch...
  12. Tanner Fry

    Day three of making Clyde's new tortoise table!

    Yeah I'm working on it today as well and I honestly think I can finish it today!
  13. Tanner Fry

    Tortstork sent a Xmas Miracle!

    Awesome thanks!