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    I was in Chino Hills at the time of the earthquake, so basically I was on the epicenter!! It was really scary during it, just because you have no idea how long it was gonna last. But not to much damage, some things fell down in the apartment, but nothing really broke! The aftershocks kind of...
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    any one 18-25 ?

    i think im the youngest one on here lol. I'm 20! and have a greek tortoise!
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    Ben & a bean

    aww your sons are adorable! So is the little bean!
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    please vote for my photo!

    I've voted twice! (yesterday and today) Good luck!!!
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    Best April Fools

    he can take a joke!! Just makes me hope that I will NEVER do something like that for reals...
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    Best April Fools

    For those who have gotten or given Fools for April 1st, what are your best ones? I love giving them to the people who are always stressed out and working hard, since they are the ones that forget about the day! Last year I had all my employees and my co-worker write fake two weeks notices. So...
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    McLovin passed away....

    Thanks again everyone! We finally burried him today. It took me a while... I was hoping he was just in a deep deep sleep, but I gave up today. I'm just happy that the other one is in execellent shape!! Eats like crazy and runs his tracks around his enclosure every morning lol Once again...
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    McLovin passed away....

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate all your nice comments! When I talked to the vet he told me that sometimes there might be something wrong with the tortoise in general (liver, heart, kidnery, etc. failure) and no matter what I would have done it would have eventually died! I just keep telling...
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    McLovin passed away....

    I posted a week ago or so how one of my greeks had a soft shell. I know people here told me to give him D3 and calcium (thanks again btw). But he wasn't eating, so it was hard to get it in...So I decided to take him to the vet just to make sure there was nothing else I can do. $90 later he got a...
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    Do you use a social bookmarking site?

    I use digg once in a while. My Boyfriend is on it everyday and one the roommates is like obsessed with it lol He even has a Digg hat he wear every day:rolleyes:
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    happy birthday, Anja!

    Happy Birthday Anja!! Hope you have an awesome day!!
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    Puppies to DIE for!!!

    Sorry for not responding earlier! i pretty much posted this and then left for Mammoth snowboarding. Those puppies are really cute and I wish I could have one or they would get one. But I do as well think the price is ridiculous. In my experience if they are cross breed they should be free or...
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    Puppies to DIE for!!!

    My boyfriends parents are thinking about getting a new dog (their current golden retreiver is over 12 now...). So anyways they found these cute little pups! They are a mix of Newfoundland and Golden Retriever. I don't know you can't buy one after looking at them.... I'm hoping they will get one...
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    Soft shell and REALLY soft belly

    Thanks Danny!! I'm going to get the vitasol after school today!!
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    Soft shell and REALLY soft belly

    Thanks for the advice, thats what i had with my previous one, that broke... Maybe I just got a bad one...