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    coco fiber

    Thanks for your reply..I may try some
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    coco fiber

    Ok thanks..I do dampen regularly and levels do go up but it is an open table
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    coco fiber

    is coco fiber ok as a substrate for a 1 year old Russian? my substrate currently is more sandy than anything else, there are a few beech chips mixed in too. I know russians burrow mine does.. so I was just wondering about changing substrate. Also I have issues with humidity, and could changing...
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    New Horsefield Parents

    Hi and I hope you will enjoy being horsfield parents....iam too a 1 year old..lots of advice on here so dont be afraid to ask members anything. They will always help..unfortunately iam still learning myself so advice would be better left to the guys on here..and good luck with your new...
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    In memory of little Aphrodite...

    Sorry for your loss it's so hard it really is i also feel the pain of losing a beloved animal.they are so precious to us..bless you xx
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    Is this broadleaf/greaterleaf plantain?

    That does look very much like broadleaf plantain...but get conformation if you can
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    Tort soaks

    Mine loves his soaks as well..
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    some cute pics

    Lovely pics
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    Russian Tortoise pooped/peed clear gel

    Hi first of all you have to get her diet sorted out..she really needs the right food she will eat different food eventually i think you have to be tough with the food.i do think you will need substrate in the enclosure they must have a habitat close to their natural one and what lighting and...
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    Hermann or Horsefield as 1st tortoise?

    Yes I would agree about personality iam a new owner of a young Russian and I watch him for hours fascinated by him and he is very friendly only had him just over a month now..he gets more attention than the☺☺
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    HELP! i've lost my hermann tortoise

    Hope you find him x
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    First tortoise

    Hello welcome to the group don't worry there are many wonderful members on here with an astounding knowledge for all tortoises they will always help..iam a new owner too and iam still learning myself so unfortunately I don't know too much but you will get all the help and advice you...
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    Possible sick Russian tortoise

    Oh iam so so sorry that is must remember you did your very best for Moe and you will never forget them..sending all my love ...
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    The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise

    Fantastic advice..lots of things I didn't know..thanks