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    I hope this one is a joke I don't know if this person is an idiot or joking, but either way, it looks like someone glued some fabric to this Russian tortoise.
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    I slept with my tortoise...

    I have a big box of large hand warmers for emergencies.
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    Do tortoises play?

    I didn't know you had chacos- have you posted photos here? They're beautiful tortoises.
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    Help! Tortoise Foot Fell Off!

    You need a vet that will see a tortoise, but a herpetologist is not the word for a vet that treats reptiles, it's the name for a scientist who studies reptiles and amphibians. An emergency vet clinic is your best place to start looking.
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    Help! Tortoise Foot Fell Off!

    You don't need a herpetologist, you just need to find a vet.
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    My Sulcata has a URI

    What are your night temperatures? What humidity does your indoor enclosure stay at over night? Not all vets are actually familiar with modern tortoise care. Temperatures being too low is generally the first thing to confirm with an RI- did your vet advise bumping temperatures up while undergoing...
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    is this tortoise healthy?

    No, it does not mean this.
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    Help Identifying My Tortoise

    That's a Russian.
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    White stuff from my tortoise is it normal?

    Looks like it. But you are in a better place to judge the consistency than I through a photo.
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    White stuff from my tortoise is it normal?

    It is normal and called urates (concentrated uric acid). Urates are formed by many species of tortoise (but not all species) as a consequence of protein metabolism. For a tortoise that is well hydrated, urates should have the consistency anywhere between a liquid and toothpaste.
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    Can someone tell me what species my tortoise is?

    You'll need to post a photo. If you included one, it hasn't come through on your post yet.
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    sometimes i want to cry

    I wouldn't use a human multivitamin for tortoises, as the ratio of vitamins has been optimized for humans, not tortoises. You can buy tortoise-friendly multivitamins if you feel your diet is lacking.
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    new member

    What is the fluorescent tube light you have - is it for UVb? Can your tortoise get directly under the light or is it directly above his large hide (I can't tell if there is a space behind the house for the tortoise to get under the light)?
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    sometimes i want to cry

    When you want to talk about tortoise nutrition and what diet is best, you really need to specific what species you are talking about, as all species have different natural diets so it doesn't really make sense saying yes or no to certain foods in general. There is a debate to be had around...